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Letters to the Editor

According to a May 24 story in The Journal headlined "Top-dollar stealth fighter may not go the distance," the Navy's newest fighter jet is "raising troubling questions about whether the multibillion-dollar program is already outpaced by threats." The story quotes Dan Grazier of the Project on Government Oversight as saying a House Armed Services Committee report "highlights just how poorly conceived the Joint Strike Fighter program has been from the very beginning."

The article mentions costs of $406.1 billion to develop and build and $1.1 trillion to operate new F-35 models of aircraft for the military.

It appears to be another military system that will not work as designed. This warning was contained in the 2019 defense authorization bill, supported by our congressional representatives.

There is some money for veterans in this bill, but not nearly enough.

Reading The Journal, it's easy to find a story of a local veteran forced to live in very difficult conditions, live without or with delayed services or depend on a community fundraiser(s) for help.

I called the Nebraska congressional offices about this waste. As usual, they don't have an opinion, but I do.

Provide our veterans with more than they need. I know veterans will work - always have and always will. - Steve Shadle, South Sioux City, Nebraska

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