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LETTER: New laws an obstacle course for Iowa voters

LETTER: New laws an obstacle course for Iowa voters

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Letters to the Editor

Republicans are stealing Iowa’s right to vote through petty restrictions. Have you ever seen the show “The Floor is Lava”? My grandchildren love it. It’s an obstacle course, where if you fall, you drop into a swirling pool of red liquid (“lava”). Unfortunately, voting in Iowa has also become an obstacle course. Only if you can make it through a maze of restrictions, do you get to vote.

For example, in Iowa:

1. Disabled people can have their ballot delivered by somebody only if they have filled out a specific form.

2. The places you can vote and the times that the polls will be open, has been greatly limited.

3. Absentee votes must be received before the polls close (never mind delayed mail).

4. If you have not voted in the last general election or have moved etc. you will be struck from voter rolls.

5. And my favorite, some voters who registered at age 17 were inactivated because they didn't vote in an election that they were too young to vote in! (This was changed, but the people who were inactivated were never re-activated). Active Iowa voters (those currently able to vote) dropped by about 13% during a recent round of “voter roll maintenance.”

These nitpicky rules were voted in by all the Republicans and none of the Democrats. Don’t let them take your right to vote. Support Democrats and restore election fairness to Iowa. - Jane Cranston, North Liberty, Iowa


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