Letters to the Editor

Why has climate change become part of the political polarization in our society? People who otherwise believe in science - for example, the connection between smoking and cancer - refuse to believe in the science clearly showing climate change.

Why are the vast majority of the people who refuse to believe the science behind the reality of climate change Republican? What good reason is there for denying the science and reality of climate change for Republicans?

I don’t believe there is a good reason, and I believe this issue more than any other is the canary in the coal mine showing how destructive political polarization is and how it is undermining the future of our society.

We can all see how each time the angry, polarizing rhetoric flows at political rallies, the likelihood of something violent happening in our society is heightened. We all know that when we bring out the best in us, while asking others to do the same, for the common good of all, the likelihood of something violent happening in our society is lessened.

Yes, there are real political differences between Democrats and Republicans, but there are many, many issues that are held hostage because of political polarization, not based in reality of how people think, but based in pure politics.

Politics will change when we show our politicians that our future means more to us than our political party. Jerry Eaton, Sioux City

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