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LETTER: Opposed to relocating Sergeant Bluff cemetery

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Letters to the Editor

There is a proposal to move the Woodbury Township cemetery in Sergeant Bluff.

There are many family members, who have ancestors in the cemetery, and concerned community members who are opposed to this project. A recent online petition has over 1,200 signatures in opposition to the project.

A local historian has asked the cemetery board to leave the cemetery as it is, due to its significant historical importance. It is the oldest cemetery in Woodbury County.

Any taxpayer who lives in Woodbury Township pays tax dollars for expenses and maintenance of this cemetery. For some of you, this is YOUR money.

Some people have said that this is just an "emotional’ issue" or "it’s done all the time’ or ‘it’s best for the community’. The very worst part, it is being done purely for corporate profit.

One should wonder if they will be destroying/moving the nearby Floyd Monument to build river view condos or apartments next.

The following questions are important to be addressed in this matter:

1. If most, if nearly not all, descendants are against this proposal, why is it even being considered?

2. If this is an issue of "maintenance" as some are claiming it to be, why have no bids been procured to outsource this to a landscaping company? There are tax funds in the budget for maintenance.

3. When a landscape company was asked to make a bid after the board asked for voluntary help to mow, why did the board clerk basically run the landscape company off when they arrived to give a bid?

4. Can we identify another instance of Civil War veterans' graves being dug up so an Australian-owned mining company can mine for more brick?

5. How has this Australian company been allowed to mine so close to this historic site in the first place?

6. Why hasn’t the board taken steps to get this historic cemetery designated and registered as a historic site with the state of Iowa? Other cemeteries, not as old as this one, have achieved that designation.

Family members of the Woodbury Township Cemetery -- Rexann Smith, Sergeant Bluff


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