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LETTER: 'Our president appears out of control'

LETTER: 'Our president appears out of control'

Letters to the Editor

I am terribly concerned about these unmarked "military" people who have entered Portland, Oregon. 1) Who are these people? 2) Who are they answering to? 3) Are they actual military personnel? 4) Who is paying them - the taxpayers? 5) Who has ordered them to go into cities causing damage (not the governors or mayors of the cities they are entering)?

Protesting is a constitutionally guaranteed right. I understand that looting and burning are not protected. But neither are unmarked paramilitary personnel. This has the markings of a junta or a dictatorship. It is not acceptable.

Seeing these armed "troops" drive around in unmarked vans picking up citizens with no arrest warrants, grilling them in secret locations, scaring the dickens out of them, is unacceptable. Seeing the video of these people attacking an unarmed Naval veteran and graduate of the U.S. Naval Academy who only wanted to question them, breaking bones in his hand, and firing pepper spray into his face on a nationally viewed video, is frightening. What kind of country has this become? This must be unconstitutional. Why are our senators not saying something?

Our president appears out of control. He has said he may not accept the results of this November's election, if it is not in his favor. He has hinted that there may be a civil war. Really? If he is the one behind these "troops," is he planning to use them if he doesn't like the election results? We need answers. Renee Weinberg, Sioux City


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