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Letters to the Editor

Notice how any project in and around the Hard Rock neighborhood or leading to the casino itself will get approved and funded ASAP, like West Seventh. So, too, does the riverfront, the ag center, another park or trail leading to Le Mars, another fancy concrete median in the middle of a street, etc.

A sinkhole at 30th and Pierce streets, in a residential area and costing a fraction of those projects, can wait until the devil himself crawls out of it to be repaired.

Taxpayers deserve a vote on some of these major projects and how their constantly increasing property tax dollars are spent. Apparently, residents can drive on dangerous streets and have toxic sewer and water lines forever. The city is thoughtful enough to scare you into an insurance policy to pay for anything that might happen to your 125-year-old water and sewer lines.

What a racket. - Craig Brubaker, Sioux City


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