Letters to the Editor

So The Donald got a trace of the military parade he so craved. It was not a parade, but a display. A display showcasing his arrogance. Who cares about parked Army tanks? I agree that aircraft flyovers are exciting, and even inspire a sense of national pride. But to pack the stands with VIPs and political supporters for the one big day when we collectively celebrate our freedoms? To spend funds badly needed for other causes on one man’s massive ego? And then, to conceal the actual cost? This just perpetuates this administration’s proclivity to hide the truth.

This year’s Independence Day celebration highlights the most egregious misuse of power – to borrow Donald Trump’s recurrent refrain – “in the history of our nation.” I would submit that the idea of a showing of military might was not about democracy, but about tyranny. As we’ve recently witnessed on the international stage, our commander–in- chief emulates Vladimir Putin and Kim Jong-un. This is reality TV at its worst. We’ve all seen the newsreels of Soviet and North Korean military parades.

And on this Fourth of July, Trump’s praise of our military sounds shallow, coming on the heels of his frequent and unforgivable denigration of one of our nation’s honored military heroes, the late John McCain. McCain's offense was to simply disagree. Is that not one of our inalienable rights? Joan Wendl Thomas, Le Mars, Iowa

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