Letters to the Editor

Governor Kim Reynolds' recent veto of the marijuana expansion legislation passed by the Iowa Legislature was the right thing to do. She accepted the recommendation from the state Medical Cannabinol Advisory Board against the change in the law. For her to do otherwise would have been irresponsible. Further, the Legislature is not qualified to manage the dosage of medications unless they understand the pharmacokinetics of the medication, the adverse effects and risks, its effect on different age groups, and data that supports the effectiveness of the medication.

Unfortunately, marijuana has been given a special category by the state outside the system established in which the FDA ensures medicines are safe and effective. The use of marijuana-derived compounds as medications should undergo the same rigorous standards that other medications go through to be approved. Currently the distribution of marijuana-derived medicines is excessively influenced by anecdotal experiences, political concerns and the marijuana industry and lobby. Paul Johnson, Dakota Dunes, South Dakota


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