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As a parent and educator of the Sioux City schools for many years, I can’t express how shocked and disgusted I was over a headline I read in The Journal on Friday. I watched the district cut stand-alone middle school reading last year, eliminate advanced classes, delete teaming, while increasing class sizes, and now the cherry on top - a new proposal to cut supplemental teacher pay by nearly $5,000?

There have been no significant cuts of administrative expenses in the district. There are now more principals and administrators than ever. There are assistants to directors, new administrative positions that never even existed before. They dismantled the Career Education Center just a few years ago, and now bought property to increase the Career Academy space. So, we are paying to reconstruct a program type that we just shut down a few years ago. What a waste of money.

They expect teachers to teach classes of 35 to 40 students, while teaching out of their subject area. Now the plan is to rob these teachers of $5,000, as well. Sioux City Community School District, you are not thinking clearly. Cut unneeded administrators and stop wasteful spending on unneeded travel. Rewrite state grants so you can use teacher coaches as real teachers and give these kids what they deserve: teachers who are specialists in their field.

It’s always easy to pick on the teachers and fail to cut where cuts need to be made – administrative costs. I invite you to switch places with these teachers anytime. It may open your eyes. - Julie Fischer, Sioux City


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