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Letters to the Editor

I am writing this Letter in response to an article in The Journal on May 4 regarding the proposed end to property tax payments from the state to local governments.

In the article, Senator Charles Schneider states the “backfill” was never meant to be permanent. If this was the case then the legislation would have had a phase-out provision in the original bill rather than requiring a deppropriation. The senators can spin it however they would like, but Gov. Terry Branstad understood this because he promised the cities on more than one occasion that he would oppose this deappropriation.

It is unfortunate that the senators don’t understand the impact this will have on local property taxpayers. The people who don’t need an income tax cut because their income is so low that they don’t pay income taxes will probably see a property tax increase. This ending of state payments will affect city, school and county taxes.

It is disappointing that, once again, the state wants to break promises and local property tax payers will be the losers. It is even more disappointing that some local legislators favor this action. - Bob Scott, mayor of Sioux City

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