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Letters to the Editor

Teachers and parents, your requests and pleas to expand the Talented and Gifted program, to not eliminate supplemental pay for some 300 teachers, to not initiate the International Baccalaureate program yet, fell on deaf ears.

Does this really surprise you?

After three months of discussions, on a 6-1 vote by the Board of Education, your concerns were ignored. The proven TAG program will die on the side of the road, leaving some students part way through the curriculum. What will their outcome be? The IB program has an initial cost of $67,000, but according to The Journal this is just for an application fee. I imagine to fully implement this program, the costs are staggering. How will the district fund this in the future? By raising your taxes, of course.

The district's property tax rate may have dropped, but you will pay more because our property valuations went up. What happens three or four years down the road when a newer, shinier program comes along? Dump the IB in similar fashion like TAG? What about the students who will then be in the IB program?

Except for the lone vote against this budget, I honestly don't believe this board or superintendent are listening to us. They are not listening to what we, the parents and taxpayers, want, but instead are dictating to us what we will accept.

Elections are next year, folks. Remember today. - Scott Bowman, Sioux City


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