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Letters to the Editor

It is at this time of the year we reflect on God’s gifts to us - the ability to love and care for one another. The gift of a bountiful world capable of meeting the needs of everyone.

How can we use these gifts to make all of our lives better in all areas of our lives?

Another of God’s gifts is our uniqueness one from another, even down to our DNA. We don’t all look alike, we don’t feel alike and we don’t think alike. How can we use this uniqueness to learn from each other and help each other rather than using it to divide us?

For me, the point where our faith and politics come together is through the recognition that our faith and our politics are best used for the common good of all. We may differ in our faiths and our politics, but that doesn’t have to be bad.

We can learn to listen and respect the value of others as they do the same with us with the result of maturity and the common good that can’t be found in a lack of respect for others, their faiths, their beliefs and their needs.

The reality of making this happen is unbelievably difficult with each generation having to pick up the task of making our world better. It is never a solved situation once and for all, but it gives each generation something to reach for that we can be proud of in each generation. - Jerry Eaton, Sioux City

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