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Voters in Iowa House District 6 have a choice on Jan. 16 between candidates Jacob Bossman and Rita DeJong. A closer look at both candidates indicates there's really no choice if we want a better future for Iowa children.

Bossman's major job since college has been as field rep for once-admirable Republican Sen. Chuck Grassley. Bossman has supported Grassley from before his 2009 comment about "pulling the plug on granny" to his recent statement implying that most people waste their money on booze, women and movies. That's a 10-year-plus window of opportunity to bail out for the sake of conscience and country. Yet he rode that same Grassley train until he saw a chance to play a role in helping Iowa House Republicans railroad through more pernicious bills - like their 2017 expansion of children’s gun rights or their shamefully inadequate school funding or their budget approval of a $124 million cut from DHS funding in spite of a critical need for increased child welfare oversight.

In contrast, Rita DeJong has devoted herself to a decades-long career as teacher and principal in Sioux City schools in order to help the very children Iowa Republican lawmakers have so woefully short-changed.

Dietrich Bonhoeffer once said, "If you board the wrong train, it is no use running along the corridor in the other direction."

Bossman boarded the wrong train years ago and now wants a ticket for an extended GOP junket. DeJong boarded the right train the first time. - Karen Heidman, Sioux City


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