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LETTER: Taylor the clear choice for supervisor

LETTER: Taylor the clear choice for supervisor

Letters to the Editor

I’m planning to vote as a Democrat. Historically, I’ve supported Jeremy Taylor and plan to do so again this fall. I believe Jeremy’s record clearly sets him apart.

Look at their records. (county supervisor Marty) Pottebaum ran against a good man, Mark Monson, for cooperating too much with Republicans. But returning courthouse security to the sheriff, opening up county government from the backroom deals, cooperating with Sioux City, investing in economic development, long-term planning--these are not Republican or Democratic ideals--they are just good government.

Instead of partisanship, Jeremy’s engaged in just plain common-sense, good local government.

In five years, Jeremy has helped lower the tax levy each year, consolidate the Treasurer/Clerk of Courts into one space, retrofit all county spaces with LED lighting, close taxpayer-wasteful Prairie Hills, change meeting times/locations, gain county-wide paramedics without a tax increase, meet in rural areas, consolidate positions, led participation in the Reinvestment District, shifted to better mental health service delivery requested by Siouxland Mental Health, brought the only plan supported by his colleagues to address rural roads, and engaged in long-term planning.

One final difference: elected officials can vote themselves a raise under the justification that other elected officials' salaries are tied to it. Only Jeremy Taylor does so so others can have a raise--and then donates that increase to charity and law enforcement. That's called servant leadership.

Nov. 3 the choice is clear. I’d urge county residents to vote Jeremy Taylor for supervisor. - Ira Lopez, Sioux City


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