Letters to the Editor

Recently, my father and I jumped in the car to make our way north to our old home of Sioux City - land of onion chips, loose-meat sandwiches and Bings.

We have never bragged about having a well-balanced diet.

Just a handful of miles away from our destination, the car lost power. Just like that. Poof.

Pulled to the side of the road, called road service. Guessed at our location because I hadn't noticed a mile marker - "Oh, we're at an overpass and there's a railroad track underneath." You think that really narrowed down our location? I asked road service about any nearby repair shops and was given a name and a phone number.

I texted the number, explained my situation, and said my 92-year-old dad and I really needed our car repaired today. We were not prepared for an overnight away from home.

My text was answered with, "OK. If you are traveling, have them bring it here. I will do my absolute best to get you taken care of. Just please bear with me. We are crazy."

Next, I called my lifelong best friend in the world and told her we may not be able to visit this trip because of an unexpected wrench in the mix. I told where we would be towed to.

The tow service arrived in under 20 minutes and as we pulled up to the repair shop, I spotted my friend, sitting in her car like this was all just part of the plan.

While our car was examined, my friend taxied Dad and I to get something to eat. That was followed by a long drive through our old Morningside neighborhood. Of course, the cemetery was included.

Our car was fixed within hours.

Dad and I had one of our most memorable trips back to our old home.

Thanks, Siouxlanders, for such thoughtfulness and care. Lee Hazer, Council Bluffs, Iowa

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