Letters to the Editor

Well, there he goes again. I don't think Rep. Steve King even comprehends how offensive some of his statements are, not only to minorities, but now to everyone in the entire world. That must set some sort of Earth-shattering record for political tone-deafness.

He relies on his constituents not paying too much attention to the radical things he says and makes the political calculation that this heavily Republican district will vote him in no matter what he says or does. You can't fault the man for that. It has worked like a charm for ten terms, although some of the people that have voted for him in the past are starting to catch on.

I, for one, hope that when he is up for re-election enough people in the 4th District will pay attention to his actions as well as his words. He is an obsequious supporter of President Trump who is laying waste to the agricultural heartland with his poorly thought out trade war with the country that holds a large share of our debt. He has nothing but praise for his policies and a lot of people in this district blindly support him and vote against their interests. I don't get it, but then I am one of the six liberals residing in Northwest Iowa.

I'm not voting for Rep. King in 2020, but not because of his rhetoric. He does little for our district, and ranks near the bottom in effectiveness every time. I want representation, please. John Shuck, Sioux City

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