Letters to the Editor

If our nation is attacked by a known enemy and the president refuses to admit it and fails to defend our nation, and instead defends the leader of the attacking nation, what is the president guilty of?

What if George W. Bush had refused to defend our nation after 9-11? What if Franklin Roosevelt had refused to defend our nation after the attack on Peal Harbor?

Russia is using a new and dangerous type of warfare, cyberwarfare, with the goal of doing everything it can to weaken us. These attacks have been successful at feeding polarization and division that is tearing our country apart.

With leadership of our nation comes the responsibility to defend it when attacked. It is the obligation of leadership to bring us together to defend our nation against attacks from foreign aggressors. What has President Trump done, except praise Vladimir Putin?

Trump says over and over Russia, who cares about Russia, it is all just a witch hunt, fake news. Are these the words of a president defending our nation against ongoing cyberattacks by a foreign adversary?

Now, even as the Russians become even more provocative in the air and on the seas taunting our fighter jets and our naval vessels, Trump still remains mute.

He is quick to attack anyone who threatens him personally, but Trump is a complete failure when responding to the actual cyberattacks and provocative acts against our nation by Russia. Jerry Eaton, Sioux City

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