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LETTER: Trump is 'an abomination on the Republican Party'

LETTER: Trump is 'an abomination on the Republican Party'

Letters to the Editor

I have been an independent voter for over 50 years, registered neither as a Democrat nor as a Republican. I have voted for candidates from each party for federal and state offices including president, senator and governor. I see value in some of the traditional principles of each party and I think the two party system is good for American democracy. I strive to vote for whoever, in my opinion, is the best candidate for the office at the time of the election.

This year, however, I cannot bring myself to vote for any Republican candidates who have supported President Trump. I find Trump to be an abomination on the Republican Party, as do many traditional Republicans. He does not share their values of fiscal responsibility, the rule of law, or free trade. Trump has been incompetent as a president, failing to effectively handle the coronavirus crisis and, consequently, costing thousands of American lives, prolonging the economic recession, and politicizing a significant health care issue. He is a disaster for American democracy as he works to divide rather than unite our country, ignores the rule of law, and replaces civil servants dedicated to the Constitution with those dedicated only to him.

Clearly, I think that Donald Trump should be voted out of office, and I will be voting for Joe Biden. I will also vote against all candidates who have supported or ignored Trump’s authoritarianism, delusions, ignorance of science, lies, and racism. The United States of America deserves better. William Deeds, Sioux City


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