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People on Social Security sure don't get a 4 percent raise, and I don't recall those on Social Security ever getting that much.

But our city manager and city attorney are lucky enough to get a 4 percent raise. I wonder how much the police department and fire department will get? They put their lives on the line every day, but I will be surprised if they get even a 3 percent raise.

I sure hope the city manager gets more industry to Sioux City to earn his salary. I also hope he tells the street department when they plow snow to not drive so fast that they throw ice and snow up on the sidewalks and also not make a pile of snow and ice around the corner sidewalks, especially after they have been cleared out. I, for one, cannot shovel that stuff any more.

Please, plow drivers, use common sense.

City Council, please use common sense, also. The price of living has not gone up 4 percent. - Marvin Nelson, Sioux City

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