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Letters to the Editor

Watching the federal government in action is like watching a scene from the movie "Idiocracy." “Cuz Brawndo’s got electrolytes” frequently comes to mind when I listen to misguided political leaders open their mouths.

We have politicians claiming that they want to move toward Democratic socialism like Sweden. Socialism, by definition, exists when the government controls the means of production. In reality, Sweden is a capitalist country that pays for social programs by taxing the masses at rates as high as 50 percent.

There also seems to be a race to come up with the highest tax rate to charge the rich. Ninety percent tax rates on the richest Americans have been proposed as a means to pay for "Medicare for all" (aka universal health care). The reality is that these tax impositions will not generate the $32 trillion that Medicare for all will cost over 10 years. In order to generate the tax dollars to support this program, the tax rate of the masses would have to double. The masses are not the richest Americans, they are America’s middle class.

If you haven’t seen the movie "Idiocracy," I would suggest you watch it, as I feel that is where we are headed. I don’t buy their math, and would ask our politicians "Do you even know what electrolytes are?" We all need to wake up and understand basic math and civics before we do irreparable harm to our nation. - Bradley Swart, Sergeant Bluff, Iowa

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