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LETTER: 'We need to bring out our best behavior politically'

LETTER: 'We need to bring out our best behavior politically'

Letters to the Editor

It has been a rough year for all of us. The times when we have come together to help one another we have all cheered. The risks and sacrifices our medical first responders made in the pandemic from the earliest stages to now makes us all proud.

The people who go out of their way to help families suffering in so many ways economically from lost jobs, closed businesses and with so many needs makes us proud.

Those fighting the forest fires also come to mind, and those coming together during the recent hurricane and in so many ways daily are at the core of who we are in our basic humanity and as citizens.

On the other side we have also seen the areas where we need to find ways to come together to insure that all people regardless of color are treated fairly and justly. Certainly the vast majority of those in our justice system spent their livelihoods doing this, but we have all been witness to too many situations where Black people were actually killed in circumstances we see as wrong.

Can people disagree politically and still treat one another with respect, dignity and honor, even in hard-fought campaigns? Yes, we have seen it often in our history. Nothing undermines us and tears at the fabric of our society like rage-filled politics. We have all the strength we need, we see it daily in so many ways, we need to bring out our best behavior politically. Jerry Eaton, Sioux City


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