LETTER: 'What is happening ...?'

LETTER: 'What is happening ...?'

Letters to the Editor

What is happening in our political landscape? All this polarization is ruining this country. Most of my friends don’t agree with my political beliefs, but I still love all of them. But, to be honest, it is getting so difficult to have a conversation about politics with them anymore.

I will never say that my beliefs are correct and theirs are dead wrong. I enjoy listening to other points of view and have been swayed to change my view on a few things after having conversations with people with opposing views. And if we don’t agree, that’s OK, too. That’s what this country is all about. But if conversations start with “you’re wrong and I’m right” we will never get anything done to benefit anyone in this country.

Stop calling people idiots and evil. Stop insulting politicians in such a degrading way that you would only say it on social media, but never in public. Stop watching FOX News and CNN.

After you stop doing the bad things, start listening. Listen to your neighbor when he disagrees with you. Don’t walk away mumbling that he’s an idiot. Listen to his views. You may begin to see his point on one or two things. And if not, agree to disagree. That’s where we will begin to get things done in this country. Tom Miller, Rock Valley, Iowa


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