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Someone is missing. Where in this country is the Democratic presidential candidate who is pro-life? Is he or she out there? Is there a Democrat out there who believes life in the womb is worth saving?

This country was founded on the Judeo-Christian principle that all people are created equal and all people have the right to life and the pursuit of happiness. How can you have life if you are not allowed to be born? The First Amendment gives us the right to religious freedom, yet there are many restrictions placed on people to be able to practice their faith according to their convictions. They are forced to pay for products that are against their values through insurance, etc.

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Is there no person in the Democratic Party who is willing to stand up for the life of the most vulnerable - the unborn? We are taxed to pay an organization that does abortions. We are taxed to pay to destroy our own kind. How can that be good for our country? Barbara Chicoine, Elk Point, South Dakota

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