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“By hero I mean a leader of men who engages with clear eye and stout heart in an uncertain enterprise for some purpose larger than the gratification of his own ambition or rewarding of his friends, and whose deeds work as benevolent influence on the lives of countless others.”

- Clinton Rossiter

The coverage of the political process so favors the loudmouths who really achieve very little outside of an increasingly bitter and angry division that our real heroic political leaders go almost unnoticed. The political process isn’t a reality game show based on ratings, yet that is how it is covered.

Where are our political heroes today? Those willing to do the real difficult work of honoring those on the other side to find ways to govern effectively? The loudmouths may get the attention and a lot of coverage in the media, but who gets things done?

If you truly want to find the real heroic leaders, look into who gets things done and achieved for the common good of all as hard-working members of the House and Senate. Find out who reaches across party lines day in and day out to keep our government running despite all of the hyperpartisanship on display by the loudmouths.

Don’t those who came before us and sacrificed so much deserve more from us? Don’t those living in our society now deserve more than petty, self-serving hyperpartisanship from those who get all of the attention in the coverage of our political system? - Jerry Eaton, Sioux City


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