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Marx Truck & Trailer Sales


2411 3rd Street (3rd & Lewis Blvd.)
Sioux City, IA 51101
Toll Free: 800-352-0030
Fax: 712-252-1101
Last Updated: September 25, 2018




About Marx Truck & Trailer Sales

Marx Trailer is Siouxland’s leading provider of trailers, plows, spreaders and truck equipment.
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More About Marx Truck & Trailer Sales

Marx Trailer is Siouxland’s leading provider of trailers, plows, spreaders and truck equipment.  

Established in 1965 by Wally Marx, and his brothers Don and Bob. Marx Trailer began as a local dealership for new Trailmobile semi-trailers and soon grew into a regional dealership with 3 full service locations (Sioux City, Sioux Falls, Des Moines) and a parts store in Omaha. Over time, the other stores were sold and we now operate from a single Sioux City location, but in a very different form. Now their focus is on trailer parts and repairs, trailer rental, temporary portable storage, and new cargo trailers.  They also sell used trailers, snowplows, truck bodies, truck parts, accessories, hitches, safety equipment, and on and on. Chances are if you need something related to transportation, we can help. Our parts delivery trucks are on the road every day, delivering maintenance parts in the tri-state area.

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Your driving down the highway when all of a sudden, your trailer begins to sway side to side, putting you and your truck at risk of dangerously careening off the road, or worse, into another vehicle. Trailers can often be a trial and error learning process as few take the time to learn about towing basics, but learning about the basics of towing could save you time, your vehicle and trailer, and maybe even your life. Here's how to ensure that you won't put your life at risk when towing a trailer:

1. Understand GVW

Let's start with GVW (Gross Vehicle Weight), sometimes also called GTW.(Gross Trailer Weight). Every trailer has a weight limit, and going above this limit can result in stability issues, and even catastrophic failure of your trailers axles.

It's important to note that even though a trailer may have a GVW of 7,000 pounds, it doesn't mean the trailer can hold 7,000 pounds. you need to first subtract the weight of the trailer itself. So, lets use an 8.5 X 24 Enclosed Trailer as an example:

  • The trailer's GVW is 7,000 pounds
  • The trailer itself weighs 3,500 pounds
  • This means you can safely tow a 3,500 pound payload.

No matter what you are hauling, you can't exceed that payload number.

2. Choose the Right Gear

One of the most important bits of towing advice we can offer is to choose the right gear. Take the humble hitch for example, did you know that each hitch is different, and that a trailer hitch not capable or withstanding your trailers tongue weight and GVW could cause a lot of trouble?

There are 5 classes of trailer hitches which are based on GVW and tongue weight:

  1. Class 1: 2,000 pound GVW and 200 pound tongue weight
  2. Class 2: 3,500 pound GVW and 350 pound tongue weight
  3. Class 3: 5,000 pound GVW and 500 pound tongue weight
  4. Class 4: 7,500 pound GVW and 750 pound tongue weight
  5. Class 5: 10,000 pound GVW and 1,000 pound tongue weight

You may have noticed that each trailer hitch could hold a tongue weight that was 10% of the GVW, This is actually a really simple formula that you need to remember: your trailer's tongue weight is about 10% of the trailers GVW.

3. Load Your Trailer the Right Way:

Placing a payload in the trailer is one of the best ways to ensure your trailer will be an easy tow. It can also easliy send your trailer careening off the highway.

The rule of thumb is simple:

Center your payload in the trailer from left to right, and place the heaviest cargo towards the front, with lighter items in the rear.

This simple rule will prevent trailer sway and make for an easy tow.

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Marx Truck & Trailer Sales

2411 3rd Street (3rd & Lewis Blvd.)

Sioux City, IA 51101


Offering a wide variety of beds that are perfect for the farming, welding, ranching and oilfield industries, CM Truck Beds are built “Ahead of the Curve.” What makes a CM Truck Bed stand out against the competition?

  • Our beds feature frame rails and crossmembers made of channel – not tubing. Benefits are that not only does it add strength to the bed, but the channel doesn’t hold water and is not as conducive to rusting.
  • Our deck plate and frame materials are adequate size and thickness for the job expected of a work truck body. We use 3” channel crossmembers and 4” runners.
  • Our tail board features a full 21” height for cab and chassis models and 16” to 18” for trucks that come with a factory bed.
  • CM Truck Beds go through a 5 stage powder coat finishing process that provides the bodies with excellent gloss retention. Additionally, the powder coat gives the bodies unmatchable durability and longevity that will keep enhancing the truck’s appearance for a long time.
  • Our truck beds possess quality materials to promote durability and longevity. Whether a customer needs an aluminum bed that is lightweight and hard working, or they require the strength of a steel model to handle tough jobs, our beds are built strong with quality materials that can handle the job and keep going long after.
  • CM offers diversity with eight different models available that are loaded with standard features to fit every need. Our beds can fit Class 2 trucks (3/4 ton) and up, and they range from flat decks that can be upfitted with underbody boxes and accessories, to skirted beds with built in toolboxes. We also have a hauler bed that has the custom hauler look for ½ the price, as well as models with lots of storage capacity, but still give you the capability to pull a gooseneck trailer. Genre-specific models are also available, like welder beds, oilfield beds, bale spike beds, and platforms.

As part of the Big Tex Trailer Manufacturing family, CM Truck Beds are thoroughly and continually researched to complement the ever-changing styles of the auto industry and to help us remain a leader in truck bed design and development.

Marx Truck & Trailer Sales

2411 3rd Street (3rd & Lewis Blvd.)

Sioux City, IA 51101


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