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Earl Miller Construction

Quality work at a reasonable price in a timely manner.


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Last Updated: March 15, 2016


About Earl Miller Construction

Residential and light commercial construction in NW Iowa, NE Nebraska and SE South Dakota, specializing in remodeling of existing facilities or homes.
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Quality work at a reasonable price in a timely manner. 

Residential and light commercial construction in NW Iowa, NE Nebraska and SE South Dakota, specializing in remodeling of existing facilities or homes. We are experienced in the repair of structures due to wind, hail, fire or water damage. Earl Miller Construction is a Preferred Contractor for State Farm Insurance

We guarantee work with the highest customer satisfaction.

Earl Miller's Professional History


1982-Present Earl Miller Construction, Inc., North Sioux City, SD 57049


Home Builders Association of Greater Siouxland 

Member of Siouxland Chamber of Commerce

Better Business Bureau of Siouxland (Past President) 

Siouxland Claims Association 

South Sioux City Chamber of Commerce

Homer Town Board (past member)

EMT with Homer Volunteer Fire and Rescue Department for 15 years

Cub Scout Leader for 5 years

St Paul's Lutheran Church Council (past member)

Hospice Volunteer (at present)


BACHELOR'S OF SCIENCE DEGREE Wayne State College, Wayne, NE Industrial Arts Major 1979


1979-1984 Winnebago Public School, Winnebago, NE

Taught Industrial Arts to junior high and high school students

Developed an on-the-job training program focusing on home repair for high school seniors




As residential and light commercial construction in NW Iowa, NE Nebraska & SE South Dakota, Earl Miller Construction specializes in the remodeling of existing facilities & homes. With experience in repair of structures due to wind, hail, fire or water damage, we guarantee work with the highest customer satisfaction.

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Earl Miller Construction

201 North Sioux Point Road

North Sioux City, SD 57049



Services Offered

  • Remodeling
  • Kitchens
  • Bathrooms
  • Doors & Windows
  • Drywall, Taping & Texturing
  • Trim-work
  • Siding
  • Roofing
  • Painting
  • Handicap Accessibility
  • Fire & Water Damage Restoration

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Earl Miller Construction - North Sioux City, SD



When Morningside resident Connie Casavant wanted the kitchen remodeled in her bungalow, she turned to Earl Miller Construction of North Sioux City.

“I had read write-ups about Earl Miller Construction in the paper and I had friends who had used Earl Miller. I got a response when I called and Earl Miller would get back to me to talk to me,” said Casavant. “It was the same with the workers. It was nice.”

Casavant wanted her kitchen to be more open, so Earl Miller Construction  removed a wall and put in a new header. A built-in china hutch and closet was removed to create a dining area that was more livable.

 They also installed all new kitchen cabinets from House of Kitchens, LTD, new DuraCeramic flooring by Congoleum which extended into the newly created dining area, a custom backsplash, canned and pendant lights, and new GE appliances from Kollman Appliance. In addition, they moved the kitchen sink so it faced the dining room, put an air switch on the garbage disposal to prevent electrocution, and put plug-ins inside cabinets for a TV and a radio. The electrical work was performed by Vakulskas Electric.

Casavant got inspiration for her kitchen remodel from a Better Homes & Gardens magazine and Terry advised her along the way.

“He really helped me. I showed him the picture and he did what I asked. He also helped with the DuraCeramic flooring and the carpet.”

The crew, which also included Steve Leonard and Nick Korleski, finished at the same time every day, making it easy for Casavant to make plans to be out of the way.

“They were really great,” she said. “I was apprehensive at first because I was here by myself, but Earl assured me his crew would be polite, and they were. If I have another project, I would ask to have them back.”

If you’re planning a kitchen or bath remodeling project, call Earl Miller Construction at 251-1033

Casavant Kitchen Remodel

Earl Miller Construction of North Sioux City remodeled a kitchen to give it a more open look for homeowner Tim Sterling. The project involved removing most of the elements from the old 1941 kitchen, including the cabinets, soffits, plaster & lathe, 50 percent of the ceiling and an old breakfast nook, and opening up the space between the kitchen and dining room. 

Earl Miller Construction installed sheetrock, textured and painted the walls and ceiling, put in pendant and recessed lights, and laid Allure flooring in Red Cherry in the kitchen and dining room to connect the rooms visually. They also installed new Showplace cabinets in a cherry wood species, a Cordova stain color and Covington door style in a square raised panel from House of Kitchens, LTD., along with the trim.

Sterling said he "loves his new kitchen". The biggest advantage of this remodel is that the new kitchen frees up space for big family gatherings. "People in the dining room can now communicate with people in the kitchen. The workers at Earl Miller Construction were absolutely great," said Sterling. "They did good quality work and they worked really hard. They were here almost every day, they were on time, they were very flexible when the floor material was delayed, and they got the project done on a timely basis. I think customers appreciate that."

Northside Kitchen Remodel

On July 31, 2015, a fire engulfed a good portion of the main living areas including the living room and kitchen on the first floor of Chad Johnson's Morningside home.

The fire started from a cigarette that was put out in a plant just outside of the house.

"It wasn't crushed out all the way and the plant caught fire. It spread to the house and caught this part (the living areas) of the house on fire. It took off from there," said Johnson, who shares the house with his mother, Patti Johnson, his grandmother Bonnie Mathers, his two daughters, Veronica Johnson and Peyton Saunders, and Sebastian, the cat. "Fortunately, a neighbor saw it and knocked on the door. We were able to get out and do something before it got too far. The neighbor called the fire department."

Amazingly, the fire wasn't bigger than the door, said Johnson, but a great deal of the damage in the house occurred because of the smoke damage, which permeated the living room, including the big screen TV and electric fireplace, and went all the way into the kitchen. It even wrapped into the bedrooms.

Not knowing where to start the process of restoring his home, Johnson started with his State Farm insurance agent.

"He was great to work with through the whole process. He recommended Earl Miller Construction. Earl Miller was in touch with me the day after the fire started. He knew what to do and who to call. He thought of everything. He thought of cleaning the duct work and different things we could do, such as different ways to clean clothes. It was nice to work with someone who specializes in fire and water damage.

"He not only knew what to do, but he was like a friend through the process."

After ServiceMaster of Sooland completed their part of the job cleaning up the fire damage and tearing out the damaged drywall, Earl Miller Construction started the process of restoring the home to its original - if not better - condition. 

Earl Miller Construction started with a blank slate. The sheetrock had been torn off down to the studs, and all of the furniture, as well as the kitchen appliances and cabinets on the first floor, had been thrown away.

"He (Earl Miller) was ready to go the day after the cleaning process was completed," said Johnson.

Miller and Johnson determined the budget that was allowed for the restoration based on the insurance settlement and Miller asked what he wanted to do with the living spaces that were damaged.

Previously, the main floor rooms had been closed off to each other.

"It was a decent house, but it felt closed up and contained," he said. 

Earl Miller Construction, led by project manager Josh Brewer, tore out some walls and installed a beam on the load bearing wall to open up the space.

Now, as you enter the home, the living room opens up into the dining room and the kitchen. 

"I watch a lot of HGTV," Johnson said. "The open concept is big. It really changed the design of the house by opening up that wall. What he (Earl Miller) did was give it a more modern, updated look. It honestly looks like a brand new house with all of the lighting. There is recessed lighting in every room that was damaged and we wanted ceiling fans in the bedrooms."

On the first floor, Earl Miller Construction installed new sheetrock, windows and carpet, covering surfaces from the floor to the ceiling. They also painted the rooms, and after leveling the flooring surfaces, laid laminate in the kitchen, dining room and living room areas.

They installed new white Starmark kitchen cabinetry with a Bridgeport door style and Wilsonart laminate countertops in a Golden Juparana color from House of Kitchens, Ltd. in Sioux City, added a breakfast bar that passes through the stairwell, installed new high-end Frigidaire stainless steel appliances, and even added a closet.

In addition, they fixed the front of the house where the fire started, an 8-by 6-foot area, and installed new doors.

"They made it blend in. It looks like the fire never happened. That's what amazed me," Johnson said.

It also amazed Johnson that Earl Miller Construction met their deadline of two months.

"I dealt with construction companies before and asked when we will be back in the house. He said two months. He started in September and the house was ready on Oct. 31 minus a few touch-ups," he said. 

Johnson appreciated that Earl Miller kept them informed every step of the way and took care of everything including relocating the utility meters per city code. He said it was excellent to work with the project manager on the job, Josh Brewer.

"He was very friendly. You knew Earl's staff was there to accommodate you," he said.

Earl Miller said Chad Johnson was easy to work with and was very active in the decision making process, helping them to give the homeowner the results he wanted.

Josh said he liked working on a job that he starts from basically nothing and watching how everything changed.

"It's great being on a job from start to finish and seeing how nice everything can look," he said.

For more information about Earl Miller Construction or to call for an estimate, call 712-251-1033.

Applying texture to the walls of your home adds depth and dimension to your décor, and can help characterize or enhance a design theme.

Do I Need a Professional to Texture My Walls?

A number of techniques and materials can be used to achieve a wide array of textured finishes on the walls of your home. An experienced painting contractor can evaluate the condition of your walls and choose the best materials and tools to attain the finish you prefer. A pro can efficiently and thoroughly mask off the job, and apply a quality texture quickly and consistently.

What Are the Benefits of Texturing?

Texturing a wall can help achieve a specific design goal, or simply add visual interest to a smooth surface. Wall textures can also conceal minor imperfections in drywall, providing a new surface for paint and an economical solution for blemishes on wall surfaces or imperfect drywall taping.

How Much Texturing Does My Home Need?

The amount of texture to have applied in your home is a matter of personal preference. You may choose to have the walls of one room, a single accent wall, or your entire home textured. While finish options ranging from subtle to dramatic, the texture is not recommended for kitchens and baths since a smooth wall provides a surface that is easy to clean.

What Types of Textures Are Available for My Home?

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