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Christy-Smith Funeral Homes


1801 Morningside Ave.
Sioux City, IA 51106
Fax: 712-276-7325
Last Updated: November 3, 2015




About Christy-Smith Funeral Homes

Christy Smith Funeral homes offers a full line of funeral services including pre-arrangement options.
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More About Christy-Smith Funeral Homes

As with all that we do, we provide our families with an open door policy. Please feel free to contact us at anytime. We are available 24 hours a day by phone. Our trained staff chose this profession with the understanding that a family's need knows no time clock.

Our funeral home was established in 1921 when W. Harry Christy moved to Sioux City and opened a funeral home in the Morningside area. Mr. Christy operated the funeral home until 1961, during which time he also opened a second funeral home located on the west side of town. In 1961, Sherman Larson purchased the funeral homes and operated them until he retired in 1983. In 1983, Terry Smith and Scott Hockenberry purchased the funeral homes from Mr. Larson. Many additions were added to the building during this time to provide a large, modern facility for the community. Mr. Smith and Mr. Hockenberry were also able to purchase the McCulloch Funeral Home in Moville, Iowa, in 1988, and the Berkemier Funeral Home in Sioux City in 1996. The west side location was closed when the Berkemier location was purchased. In 2007 the Berkemier Chapel was completely remodeled. New selection rooms were added and the chapel has been completely redone.

In 1998, Mr. Smith acquired the entire business and became the sole owner. The name has changed through the years, starting with W. Harry Christy Funeral Home; to Christy Funeral Home, to Christy, Smith and Hockenberry Funeral Homes, to the present name of Christy-Smith Funeral Homes. The year 2006 has provided us with another area of expansion when the Larkin Northside Funeral Home was acquired. This allows us to provide all of our services to another neighborhood in our city. In 2000, we opened the Family Resource Center in a building adjacent to the funeral home. The resource center is a facility with many modules providing ideas and products for families to help them plan their funeral as a true remembrance service for their loved one. We have an extensive lending library located in this building consisting of a collection of books and audio tapes on death, bereavement and other losses. The resource center also houses our community room where families are able to have funeral lunches after their service; the room is also available to the community for a wide variety of uses. In 2002, we opened the Christy-Smith Crematory to provide another service to our community and to be of service to the funeral directors in the surrounding area. In 2003, we purchased property adjacent to the funeral home to provide much needed parking for both facilities. Christy-Smith Funeral Homes provides several aftercare programs for our families and the community, most of which meet in our community room at the resource center. See a detailed explanation of those aftercare programs under our services section and grief counseling on this web site.




Pet Services

Animals are wonderfully agreeable friends. They ask so little of us, and give so much love in return. When it comes time for you to let go of your animal companion, making the decisions on how to care for their physical remains can be heart-wrenching.

Christy-Smith Family Resource Center has a Pet Keepsake Area.  In our Pet area we have a variety of picture frames, magnets, Christmas ornaments, sympathy cards, statues, books and pamphlets dealing with pet loss, urns, stepping stones, paw print necklaces and other jewelry to hold ashes or to be made out of ashes.

Explore The Possibilities

Visualize the possibilities with this unique planning tool. Scroll through the images with the slider, and when you’ve found yourself inspired, visit Designing Your Funeral for additional support in planning a service as unique as the life well-lived.

Honoring Life

It's important to take the time to acknowledge the uniqueness of the deceased: the individuality of their personality, and the uniqueness of their life's path. Not just for them, but for you; it affirms the relationship, and leads to healing after loss. Honoring their life is truly an act of love – for the both of you.

Designing Your Funeral

Taking the time to design your service is a loving act, and not a difficult one. We invite you to explore the seemingly infinite number of ways to celebrate and honor a life.


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Christy Smith Funeral Homes Inc. is renowned for our first rate funeral services in Sioux City, IA.  Losing a loved one is a difficult ordeal, which is why we are here to help you any way we can.  Whether it’s helping you plan funeral arrangements or remembrance services, our Funeral Home will provide you with the information and the guidance you need.

Another advantage of choosing Christy Smith Funeral Homes Inc. is the accessibility of our website.  Our website provides helpful information to people trying to deal with their grief, and offers information that many need during the funeral planning process.

 In addition, we conveniently post a current and previous list of services we have held, allowing people to click on the name of the person they knew to find a wealth of information.  They can learn about what the arrangements will be, and they can read the obituary.  Also, they can share memorable stories of the deceased, which is something family members always seem to cherish.

To learn more about what separates us from other Funeral Homes, please click on one of the links below.  If you have any general or specific inquiries, please contact us. 

Plan for the Inevitable…

Pre-planning your funeral should be a natural part of life, because it provides you with time to make end-of-life decisions in a calm and rational atmosphere. Start the online planning process now, or meet with one of our pre-planning advisors. It just makes sense.


Why Should I Plan Ahead

You've got to admit it; no one should have to make these decisions for you. Giving a pre-plan to those you love gives everyone greater peace-of-mind. You can then live your life to the fullest, knowing you've done the right thing.

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Pre-Planning Checklist

There's a lot to consider when beginning the pre-planning process. Our checklist will give you the satisfaction of checking off each of the related tasks, knowing you're getting closer to the goal of completing your pre-need plan.

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Online Pre-Planning Form

We've developed a powerful online pre-planning tool. A password-protected account allows you to start your end-of-life plan and return to it as many times as you need to, until you're completely satisfied with your arrangements.

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