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Shahi Palace India Grill

Now you can experience the delights of fine, Indian cuisine!


Special hours: Tue-Sun: LUNCH 11 AM to 2:30 PM DINNER 5 PM to 9:30 PM Closed on Mondays


About Shahi Palace India Grill

Now you can experience the delights of fine, Indian cuisine!
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More About Shahi Palace India Grill

We offer a wide variety of succulent meats, fresh fish, fresh vegetables, and savory naan(bread) prepared to order in our traditional wood burning tandoor oven. The restaurant is elegant, yet comfortable; perfect for a romantic night out, a business luncheon or a meal out with the family. A visit to Shahi Palace India Grill is a truly adventure in good taste.


We opened our first restaurant in Sioux Falls in February 2011.  It was so well received that we decided to bring traditional Indian food to Siouxland in August 2014.  We are proudly serving at 2 locations - Sioux Falls, SD and Sioux City, IA.

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Prepared fresh to order from our clay Tandoor ovens

80. Roti------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ $2.00
    Plain whole wheat bread.

81. Naan---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- $2.00
    A traditional white flour bread.

82. Garlic Naan------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ $2.50
    White unleavened bread with a garlic touch.

83. Paratha----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- $3.00
    White unleavened bread with a garlic touch.

84. Alu Paratha------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ $3.50
    Whole wheat bread stuffed with mildly spiced potatoes.

85. Paneer Paratha------------------------------------------------------------------------------- $4.00
    Whole wheat bread stuffed with homemade cheese.

86. Shahi Bhatura-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- $4.00
    (2) White flour deep fried light fluffy bread.

87. Paneer Kulcha-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- $4.00
    White flour bread stuffed with homemade cheese and herbs.

88. Shahi Kabuli Naan-------------------------------------------------------------------------- $5.00
    Delicious cherrys & dry fruit stuffed in naan bread.


THE TANDOOR is a traditional Indian style Clay Oven shaped like a huge jar. The inside is lined with smooth clay and the outside is heavily insulated for the purpose of baking breads. The pit itself is used for roasting meat. Tandoor is fired by charcoal, heating its insides to 800 degrees, creating a sealed heat. Breads, seafood and meats cooked in the tandoor retain their natural juices and flavors. All fat and skin is carefully removed from meat and poultry prior to cooking.

19. Chicken Tandoori--------------------------------------------------------------------------- $10.00
    Chicken marinated in yogurt and tandoori spices grilled over charcoal in tandoor.

20. Chicken Tikka-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- $11.00
    Cubes of boneless chicken breast marinated in yogurt, herbs and spices, roasted in tandoor.

21. Boti Kabab------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ $16.00
    Tender morsels of lamb marinated with our special recipe and broiled over charcoal in tandoor.

22. Prawn Kabab--------------------------------------------------------------------------------- $15.00
     Jumbo shrimp marinated in yogurt, ginger, paprika, herbs, broiled to perfection in the clay oven.

23. Shahi Mixed Grill---------------------------------------------------------------------------- $16.00
     Combination of chicken, lamb and prawns from the tandoor.

24. Fish Tikka------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- $18.00
     Salmon fish marinated in yogurt, spices and herbs. Broiled to perfection in the clay oven.

25. Shahi Seafood Grill------------------------------------------------------------------------ $20.00
     Combination of fish and prawn from the tandoor.

Have you tried our vast menu of delicious Indian Cuisine?

We have Appetizers, Soups, Salads, Side Orders, Clay Oven, Chef's Recommendations, Chicken Delights, lamp Specialties, Vegetable Delights, Rice Specialties, Seafood, Indian Bread, Desserts, and a Kid's Menu!

Stop in today for lunch, or dinner! It's so DELICIOUS!


Chardonnay * Pinot Grigio * White Zinfandel * Moscato




CK MONDAVI MOSCATO--------------------------------------------------------------------- $19.00
    (California) Floral, fruity nose and ends with a sensation of lemon zest on its finish.

GEWURZTRAMINER-------------------------------------------------------------------------- $23.00
    (Germany) with a soft, golden hue, the nose is fresh with a touch of rose petals and apricots. It is semi-sweet with a hint of spice and mild acidity.

MIRASSOU RIESLING------------------------------------------------------------------------- $23.00
    (California) Delightfully crisp and resfreshing with aromas of white flowers, citrus and hints of mandarin orange.

ECCO DOMANI PINOT GRIGIO------------------------------------------------------------- $19.00
    (Italy) Pleasing floral and tropical fruit aromas with light, crisp, clean and refreshing flavors.

CUPCAKE SAUVIGNON BLANC---------------------------------------------------------- $23.00
    (New Zeland) The flavors are integrated, delighting the senses with layer upon layer of Meyer lemons, key limes and a finish that awakens the appetite.

WILLIAM HILL CHARDONNAY------------------------------------------------------------- $21.00
    (Central Coast) Aromas and flavors of ripe tree fruit and spice with hints of citrus and tropical notes. Notes of vanilla and toasty oak round out the palate.


Cabernet Sauvignon * Merlot * Pinot Noir




*CELLAR NO 8 MERLOT*------------------------------------------------------------------ $21.00
    (North Coast) Aromas of black cherry and berry fruit with lingering flavors of current and a back note of dried herbs

LEGRAND PINOT NOIR--------------------------------------------------------------------- $19.00
    (France) Bright garnet with a leathery, meaty nose and flavors of red cherry and currant ending in a long, lingering finish

DON MIGUEL GASCON MALBEC------------------------------------------------------- $27.00
    (Argentina) A full bodied wine with a deep violet color, showcasing flavors and aromas of blackberry, blueberry, plum, dark cherry, and a hint of mocha.

CABERNET SAUVIGNON------------------------------------------------------------------ $25.00
    (Sonoma County) Red cherry, fresh crushed berries and a slight accent of vanilla following an aroma of red cherries and sweet spices.

R COLLECTION FIELD BLEND----------------------------------------------------------- $27.00
    (California) Flavors of red currant and blackberry jam with earthy hints of tobacco leaves. The finish is surprisingly lengthy with a lovely texture and exceptional balance.

CUVEE ZINFANDEL-------------------------------------------------------------------------- $25.00
    (California) Aromas of black cherry, blackberry, and raspberry, as well as spice and vanilla overtones.

Served with Basmati rice.

30. Chicken Curry-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- $11.00
    Boneless chicken cooked in light gravy with mild spices.

31. Chicken Tikka Masala--------------------------------------------------------------------- $13.00
    Marinated boneless chicken breast roasted in the clay oven and sauteed in a creamy tomato sauce with oriental spices (simply fantastic).

32. Butter Chicken------------------------------------------------------------------------------- $13.00
    Boneless chicken tandoori cooked in butter, fresh tomato sauce and herbs.

33. Chicken Saag-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- $12.00
    Boneless chicken prepared with seasoned spinach.

34. Chicken Korma----------------------------------------------------------------------------- $13.00
    Boneless chicken cooked in a creamy sauce and nuts with a selection of mild spices and herbs.

35. Chicken Vindaloo--------------------------------------------------------------------------- $12.00
    Boneless chicken and potatoes in a hot, tangy curry sauce. (super hot dish)

36. Chicken Krahi-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- $13.00
    Delicately spiced boneless chicken stir fried in a krahi (Indian wok) with fresh tomatoes, onions,ginger, bell peppers and spices. (recommended).

37. Chicken Madras----------------------------------------------------------------------------- $13.00
    Boneless chicken cooked in spicy coconut curry with dry red chili peppers, cumin and herbs. (Super hot)
All lunches served with Basmati Rice and Salad

1. Vegetable Korma------------------------------------------------------------------------------- $6.99
    Mixed vegetables in a mild cream sauce with nuts and herbs. 

2. Palak Paneer------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- $6.99
    Spinach and homemade cheese cooked in a light cream sauce and herbs. 

3. Chicken Tandoori------------------------------------------------------------------------------ $7.99
    Chicken marinated in yogurt and tandoori spices. 
    Grilled over charcoal in tandoor 

4. Chicken Curry------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ $7.99
    Boneless chicken cooked in light gravy with mild spices. 

5. Chicken Biryani--------------------------------------------------------------------------------- $7.99
    A mughlai dish prepared with boneless chicken, saffron flavored rice, herbs, nuts and raisine 

6. Chicken Tikka Masala------------------------------------------------------------------------ $8.99
    Marinated boneless chicken breast roasted in the clay oven and sauteed in a creamy tomato sauce with oriental spices (simply fantastic). 

7. Butter Chicken----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- $8.99
    Boneless chicken tandoori cooked in butter, fresh tomato sauce and herbs. 

8. Naan------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- $2.00
    A traditional white flour bread.

9. Garlic Naan--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- $2.50
    White unleavened bread with a garlic touch.

10. Soda------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ $2.29
     Coke, Diet Coke, Mello Yello, Mr.Pibb, Sprite, Root Beer, Ice Tea and Lemonade

11. Coffee----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- $2.00
    Regular or Decaffeinated

12. Indian Masala Tea---------------------------------------------------------------------------- $2.00
    Indian style tea brewed with herbs and milk.

13. Lassi------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ $3.00
    Refreshing cool drink made with homemade yougurt (served salted, sweet, plain or mango)

     Dairy Free    Gluten Free 

Spiced or Spicy does not mean "HOT". We can prepare food mild to hot to suit your taste. 
All kids meals served with fries and sweet yogurt

98. Indian Chicken Strips (3 pieces)------------------------------------------------------- $5.00

99. Mozzarella Sticks (4 pieces)------------------------------------------------------------- $5.00

100. Mac & Cheese------------------------------------------------------------------------------- $5.00

   Spiced or Spicy does not mean "HOT". We can prepare food mild to hot to suit your taste

Not available to go.

Served with Basmati Rice

26. Shahi Dinner for Two (VEGETARIAN)----------------------------- $29.00
    Start with an appetizer of vegetable samosa (2 pieces.) and then enjoy two different vegetarian dishes, vegetable korma and palak paneer, with naan bread, rice and raita. Finish with the royal dessert "Kheer" and tea or a soft drink.

27. Shahi Dinner for Two ( NON-VEGETARIAN)---------------------- $39.00
    Start with an appetizer of Shahi Combination and then enjoy two non-vegetarian dishes, rogan josh (lamb curry) and chicken tikka masala, raita, rice and garlic naan bread. Finish with delicious dessert of Gazes Ka Halwa or Gulab Jamun and tea or a soft drink.

28. Shahi Dinner for One (Vegetarian)----------------------------------- $19.00
    Start with an appetizer of vegetable samosa (1) and then Dal Soup and then enjoy vegetarian Korma with Naan bread, rice and raita, finish with the royal dessert of Kheer and tea or soft drink.

29. Shahi Dinner for One (Non-Vegetarian)---------------------------- $24.00
    Start with an appetizer of chicken and fish pekora then enjoy chicken dish. Chicken Tikka masala with garlic naan, rice and raita, finish with delicious dessert of Gazela Ka Halwa and tea or soft drink.

When I die, bury me inside a vat of saag paneer. Indian food is categorically delicious: its flavors are complex, oscillating between sweet, savory, and spicy; its textures meld creamy sauces with doughy breads and tender meat and vegetables to make the slop of dreams. It’s a divine synthesis that is aromatic and sophisticated without being bougie. Hell, you can get a better-than-decent plate of it for nary more than the cost of a deli sandwich.

But what is it that makes Indian food so endlessly rich and tasty? Scientists were wondering, too, and recently performed an analysis of 2,500 recipes to find out, as first observed in the Washington Post.

Researchers Anupam Jaina, Rakhi N Kb, and Ganesh Bagler from the Indian Institute for Technology in Jodhpur ran a fine-tooth comb through—a recipe database of more than 17,000 dishes that self-identifies as “India’s #1 food site”—in attempts to decode the magic of your chicken tikka masala or aloo gobi. Sure, there are commonalities in seasoning that run through Indian cuisine as a whole, but just how varied are they?

The answer is more complicated than you might expect.


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