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About Thorpe & Co. Jewellers

Thorpe and Company is a 118 year old, 4 generation, family owned business in downtown Sioux City, Iowa.
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More About Thorpe & Co. Jewellers

These days it’s unusual to find a four-generation family-owned business growing and thriving, but Thorpe & Company Jewellers is not just unusual…it is unique!  A rare blend of contemporary design and traditional values, we’ve been the source of jewelry and gifts for entire families since 1900…and in that time, there has always been a member of our family at the helm. Thorpe & Company Jewellers today is owned and operated by myself, Rusty Clark, along with my wife, Karen; and together we have taken the business into the 21st century.  Always looking to marry the best of the new with the traditions of the past, our business has expanded both in products offered and in services delivered to our customers. The continual search for the beautiful and unusual, and always the best value now takes us beyond borders….including to Southern Africa where we have partnered to bring you the world’s most beautiful,conflict-free diamonds.  Thanks to technology, our business is now beyond borders as well. We ship to our customers in all 50 states. Thorpe’s is happy to take your orders by phone, fax, e-mail….and face-to-face across the counter, too! And that’s our roots, of course. We will always value making it personal…making it “special” for you.  We still use the venerable old clock my great-grandfather brought over from England a century ago as our logo and symbol of long-lasting quality.   It doesn’t need to mean anything to you….just know that its longevity means something to US.  So….when you’re looking for good service and value in jewelry and gifts, look again at the hometown jeweler with the worldwide standards.  We think you’ll like what you see!

Services Offered:
A – Appraisals done by our staff of American Gem Society-trained CGAs for your insurance or estate needs.

B – Bronzing baby shoes…and many other pieces of memorabilia, too. We have worked for decades with the USA’s best bronzer and have sent them everything from golf tees to teeth!

C – Charity and Community Events are a source of great pride for us. We have opened our store for everything from pre-Concert Receptions for the Symphony to pre-schooler’s tours for the kids at Mary Elizabeth Day Care, helped with a training for Girls Scout badges, and conducted classes for WIT’s Lifelong Learning groups, to name a few. Contact us with your ideas!

D – Discounts on your corporate gifts, no matter how large or small your business is. Ask about our full corporate award programs, too.

E – Eyeglass soldering is available on most breaks for only $35.00 and can usually be done the same day.

F – Fingerprint engraving - We are able to reproduce your fingerprint onto metal (even tungsten carbide wedding rings!) making an extra-special family or wedding memento.

G – Gold buying and jewelry purchasing services started here, long before the fly-by-night firms started setting up in motel rooms. We do not charge for analysis or evaluation of your jewelry, and will give you an honest offer or recommendation. You may have the option to leave your pieces on consignment with us, too, and have us sell them for you.

H – Hand craftsmanship, polishing and engraving….because no machine is as picky as we are.

I – Insurance replacement for your jewelry in the event of loss, theft or damage. We work with all major insurance groups.

J – Jewelry repairs of all types done right on the premises by our Master goldsmiths.

K – Award We are honored to have been selected by brides registering on as a winner of their 2013, 2016 and 2017 “Best of Weddings” award for our service to brides and grooms. Their votes rated us among the top 4% of wedding professionals!

L – Laser registration and engraving on our Southern African diamonds, part of our documentation to assure our customers of our conflict-free diamond sources.

M – M&Ms and the miracle bowl that never empties are part and parcel of a trip to Thorpe’s!

N – No Charge to clean and inspect your jewelry, engrave inside your newly-purchased ring, to do your first-purchase insurance appraisal…and gift wrapping is always free, too!

O – Online Ordering is now being offered so you can shop in the comfort of your home!

P – Pearl and Bead Restringing – strung or knotted, and priced by the inch.

Q – Quick service! Where else can you get a watch battery changed while you wait? And since most repairs are done on the premises, there’s no “travel time” to factor-in either.

R – Registry and Record Keeping means many things in our store; from a Bride’s Wish List, to purchase and appraisal records that go back decades. We have assisted with many a question after a loss or accident, or happier questions about grandma’s silver pattern because of our decades of diligent record-keeping for you.

S – Silver replating and repairs, restoration work, too! We have partnered for over 50 years now with one of the oldest, most reliable plating and repair specialists in the business, and offer a 25 year guarantee on re-plating and restoration work.

T – Testing and Gem Identification -  We have a fully accredited AGS Gem lab on the premises and welcome your “mystery” gemstones and jewelry.

U – Unusual events are our specialty! We’re never one to resort to the same-old, same-old, as our long-time customers well know. Watch our ever-changing listing for the latest fun promotion going on at Thorpe’s!

V – Video and DVD presentations, or just old-fashioned speakers are available for your school, group or club on a variety of subjects. We are happy to tailor our presentations to the needs of your group.

W – Wedding invitations….plus the stationery, programs, napkins, too – all done the old-fashioned way, with someone to assist you with proper wording, proofreading and counting. Always 20% off and we pay the freight on your order for additional savings to you.

X – Xamination (okay, so we’re pushing it on the spelling) of your jewelry is always free. Bring it in anytime and we’re happy to check for loose stones and worn prongs at no charge.

Y – Yehuda and other fracture-filling treatments for diamonds. Re-cutting and gemstone polishing services are available as well

Z – Zero Interest Financing for qualifying buyers, as well as FREE No-Interest, No-Fee Layaway.



The diamond is the world's most popular gemstone. Diamonds have been found in many colors, such as: red, green, blue, yellow, pink, purple, brown and black, with white diamonds being the most common used in jewelry.


Here are some diamond fun facts:


The word "diamond" comes from the Greek word "adamas" which means unbreakable and indestructible; unconquerable.


Diamond is the hardest naturally occurring substance found on earth.


Even though the U.S. produces almost no diamonds for commercial consumption, America buys more than 40 percent of the world's gem quality diamonds - making it the world's largest diamond market.


There are white dwarf stars in space that have a diamond core.


A law in thirteenth century France decreed that only the King could wear diamonds.


The earliest record of a man giving a diamond to a woman was in 1477 when the Archduke of Austria gave a diamond to Mary of Burgundy.

With the sudden interest in Synthetic (manmade) diamonds, the Diamond Month seemed like the perfect time to set the record straight on the differences between natural (mined) diamonds and the synthetically produced manmade diamonds.


Question Three: 

True or False: Manmade Diamonds Have the Same Value as Mined Diamonds


FALSE - Because manmade diamonds are mass produced, their value is lower to begin with, and actually dropping. In fact, DeBeers, in introducing their own line of synthetic diamonds, announced that they wouldn't even be bothering to grade them. Now there's a statement of value, don't you think?


So what have we learned? Above all that REAL IS RARE and it continues to have intrinsic value. The synthetically produced one? Not so much. If diamond is a symbol of emotions, this is truly something to think about.


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With the sudden interest in Synthetic (manmade) diamonds, the Diamond Month seemed like the perfect time to set the record straight on the differences between natural (mined) diamonds and the synthetically produced manmade diamonds.

Question two:

Which One Has the Smaller Carbon Footprint? Natural Mined Diamonds or Synthetically Produced Diamonds?


The answer may surprise you. It's actually the MINED diamonds. Our entire sales team recently went through the Diamond Producers course and learned that studies showed the energy use of a synthesizing plant left a carbon footprint 40% higher than a diamond mine. It leads one to suspect their marketing as a "green alternative" to mined diamonds.


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With the sudden interest in Synthetic (manmade) diamonds, the Diamond Month seemed like the perfect time to set the record straight on the differences between natural (mined) diamonds and the synthetically produced manmade diamonds.

 Question One:

1)    True or False: Manmade Diamonds are Identical to Mined Diamonds.


FALSE - While they have the same properties (hardness, conductivity, etc,) they are NOT identical to the diamonds made by nature. There are definite markings in the structure that allow identification of the manmade stones.


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  Diamonds are considered the most desired of all gemstones. They are thought to represent love, purity, strength and power. Those born during the month of April are fortunate to have this beautiful gem as their birthstone.

Diamonds have always been surrounded with legend and lore. They have been thought to improve personal clarity and vision, with the higher the clarity the more it helps to strengthen those qualities.

The Greeks and Romans believed that diamonds were splinters from falling stars.

Diamonds rate 10 on the Mohs Hardness scale which makes them a great choice for everyday wear. They can be cleaned with warm, soapy water and a soft-bristled brush. It is also safe to use ultrasonic and steam cleaners.


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For most of us, April is already a month to restart a lot of things, but for Thorpe's the "RE" Month is all about Resetting, Remounting, Redesigning and Refreshing that jewelry you've been meaning to (quote) "do something with."


Throughout the Month of April - DIAMOND MONTH - all our diamonds are on sale AND also all of our new ring and pendant mountings, too!


So, you know you've been meaning to do this. Take the plunge, Hit the RE-SET button and come in this month - Remember, redoing your jewelry is the ultimate way to Recycle, Renew, Remount, Restring, Refresh and, above all, retain the sentiment as you create something new.


What could be more perfect for Spring?

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