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Environmental Conservation And Preservation

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BILLINGS, Mont. (AP) — The Biden administration said Thursday it was delaying a rule finalized in former President Donald Trump's last days in office that would have drastically weakened the government's power to enforce a century-old law protecting most wild birds.

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PORTLAND, Ore. (AP) — Eight Democratic lawmakers called Tuesday for an investigation into “potential scientific meddling” by the Trump administration in its rule to remove critical habitat protections for the imperiled northern spotted owl in the Pacific Northwest.

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LONDON (AP) — A report commissioned by the British government is urging a radical transformation in the way that countries around the world assess the state of their economies by elevating the natural world as a key element in their economic planning.

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COLUMBUS, Ohio (AP) — Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine unveiled a two-year, $75 billion state budget on Monday that includes a $1 billion initiative to help bring the state back from the economic downfall of the pandemic.

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Polluting factories go uninspected by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. Leadership positions sit vacant at the U.S. Geological Survey's climate science centers. And U.S. Department of Agriculture research into environmental issues important to farmers is unfinished.

LYON, France (AP) — A French court ordered the state on Friday to pay a total 7.3 million euros ($8.9 million) to 727 former coal miners for anxiety caused to them by a career of exposure to toxic substances.

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Longtime safeguards for U.S. bird populations took a hit under former President Donald Trump, whose administration made it harder to prosecute industry-caused deaths — such as the 2019 destruction of a sprawling Virginia seabird nesting ground — and chipped away protections for endangered species.


Planning a trip to the Amazon? You might want to look at the controversy over wildlife selfies before choosing tours. World Animal Protection, an advocacy group, says animals like sloths suffer when they're kept in captivity for tourists to hold and photograph. Instagram is supporting education efforts by responding to hashtag searches like #slothselfie with this warning: "You are searching for a hashtag that may be associated with posts that encourage harmful behavior to animals."

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