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SIOUX CITY | Eat Fit Go opened in late November to offer healthy pre-made meals for people to pick up and eat on the go.   

The restaurant chain, which has locations in Iowa, Nebraska and Kansas, cleans, chops, cooks and packages meals and puts them into refrigerators in the store waiting for people to pick up. 

"We're geared towards the working mom and dad who is strapped for time but who still wants to eat healthy," said Todd Uhlir, owner of Eat Fit Go in Norfolk, Nebraska. "That's our customer base."

Assisting at Eat Fit Go's 4501 Southern Hills Drive location, Uhlir said he's been pleased by the success. 

However, he admits people didn't always know what to expect.

Standing in front of a series of refrigerated cases, Uhlir points to a wide variety of breakfast, lunch and dinner options. Special healthy snack selections and vegetarian fare are also available.

"All of our food is low in sugar, sodium and calories but high in protein," said Uhlir. "Except for our wraps, everything is also gluten-free."

Athletes will also enjoy Eat Fit Go's gourmet-tested foods. 

"Our meals are high in protein and are in appropriate portion sizes," Uhlir said. "I've probably eaten everything on the menu and I've never felt more energetic."

So, what does Uhlir recommend? How about a Seasonal Berry Salad that consists of diced chicken breast, a spring mix, romaine, red onion, fresh berries and a sprinkling of feta cheese.

"This only has 320 calories but has 32 grams of protein," he said, looking at the label. "That sounds pretty good to me."

Another unexpected favorite for Uhlir is the Look Good Naked Salmon, which includes savory-spiced salmon and roasted veggies.

"I was never much of a salmon eater before but this is delicious," he said.

Equally as yummy are Eat Fit Go's growing selection of chili, enchiladas and fajita bowls.

"Our food is approachable," Uhlir said. "Most people like enchiladas and most people like fajita bowls. Our versions of these favorites are simply a healthier take."

In fact, Eat Fit Go offers a "Perfect Week Meal Plan" that provides five breakfasts, five dinners, five snacks and five protein bars for a set dollar amount.

"This is for people who really want to take charge of their eating habits," Uhlir said. "You can splurge a couple days out of the week but eating healthy is still the desired goal."

At least that's true for Uhlir, who admits he's always been the type of person who reads the back of food products.

"Yeah, I've always tried choosing the less caloric option or the food which had the fewest number of chemicals," he said.

But Uhlir also knows he's not alone.

"I think people are becoming more knowledgeable about the connection between good food and good health," he said. "Eat Fit Go just makes healthy food convenient for all types of people." 

The Journal's Earl Horlyk contributed to this story.


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