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The savings potential for bulk buying is far from trivial, particularly when it comes to consumable groceries.

Purchasing 25-pound bags of pinto beans is all well and good for those anchored in one consistent location, but those who move from place to place on a regular basis will need to reconsider their methods if they wish to bulk buy effectively.

Smaller fridge sizes, shorter lease agreements and rental kitchens that are more minimally equipped all combine to form a more complicated shopping equation. Following are a few ways you can still shop frugally in larger quantities while enjoying a life on the road.

Favorites: When both your fridge space and your time are limited, it will only be possible to buy a few items in bulk at a time. So it's important to choose foods you won't mind eating with great frequency.

For example, if breaded chicken tenders are a favorite for you, pairing a large bag of them with a bulk bottle of honey mustard salad dressing means you can enjoy them as an appetizer with dip, sliced as a salad ingredient or as part of an overall dinner menu with instant rice pilaf and some microwaved frozen peas. Similar flexibility can be found with breaded eggplant slices and bottled marinara.

Storage: While it's true bulk buying as a nomad may mean purchasing slightly smaller amounts of common grocery goodies, some of the same storage solutions used for regular bulk buying can easily be applied.

For instance, pint-sized freezer bags can store leftover marinara to be repurposed later as pizza sauce.

Staples: If you want to consume as many of your foodstuffs as possible before departing to your next destination, sticking with staples is probably a good idea. A 5-pound bag of red potatoes can be used for breakfast hash browns, baked as a simple side dish or cubed for a corn chowder. Similarly, a bag of brown rice can be used as the basis for a casserole, veggie fried rice, a soup ingredient or paired with curry.

Buying in bulk can be successfully implemented in the nomadic lifestyle, provided one is willing to plan their purchases with a greater degree of precision. By choosing fewer items, yet ones with a greater number of uses, you'll be able to grab great deals on groceries and still be able to use them completely before you pack up to leave on your next adventure.

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