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Name: Circle of Life

Artist: Hilde DeBruyne of Cumming, Iowa

DeBruyne works in both steel and ceramic, and has placed a number of commissions for large outdoor sculptures. This piece is made with welded steel which was then painted. Sioux City Art Center Curator Todd Behrens said DeBruyne tends to work in series and makes works that seem very "hopeful" and "uplifting."


Name: Red Road Home 

Artist: V. Skip Willits of Camanche, Iowa

The slender, minimal piece was made with weatherproof steel. The perspective is different from almost every angle, adding new dimensions to the piece. Willits works in close proximity to Kristen Garnant, another artist whose piece has also been selected.


Name: Mechanics of Grace

Artist: Kristin Garnant of Camanche, Iowa

Garnant and Willits both work with steel in rigorous forms "like many of the Chicago artists." Both artists aren't getting overly involved in colors and detail, it's mostly just about form. The two pieces, similar in technique and style, will be presented in the same area.


Name: Striped Gargoyle

Artist: Shannon Sargeant of Sioux City

Sargent has been involved with Sculpt Siouxland for a long time, in addition to teaching at Morningside College and working at the Sioux City Art Center. "His work keeps becoming more ambitious and larger," said Behrens. "Sometimes he works in aluminum, sometimes he works in steel and there are usually stripes involved."


Name: Let's Go

Artist: Terrence Karpowicz of Chicago, Ill. 

This year's invitational artist has created a piece made of steel and polymer. Its childlike form and structure are part of a ongoing series of Karpowicz's. Behrens describes the pieces as "expressive stick figures in motion" but "are done so elegantly."


Name: Hooked

Artist: Zachary Bowman of Coon Rapids, Iowa

Bowman is a young sculptor who has submitted works to Sculpt Siouxland for many years. He specializes in large works and frequently uses stainless and mild steel which tend to give a rusty exterior. This particular piece was still in process when it was chosen as part of the new series of sculptures. The curvature of this piece somewhat resembles parts of "birds and fish."


Name: Mystical Galaxy Chimes

Artist: James Anthony Bearden of Des Moines, Iowa

Bearden creates modern, somewhat minimal forms similar to a piece the Sioux City Art Center owns now. The newest piece, made of patinated steel and enamel, almost looks like its in motion or could whirl around, especially given its name.


Name: Family Unit

Artist: Scott Luken of Yankton, S.D.

In the past few years, Sculpt Siouxland has seen lots of steel sculptures and this year is no exception. This piece, however, stands out with its granite body. "We haven't had much stonework here," said Behrens. "It's a very stately piece and will be a nice calm presence."


Name: Stacked Totemic Forms

Artist: Liz Vercruysse of Herman, Neb.

Vercruysse has submitted work to Sculpt Siouxland before. Behrens said Vercruysse's work includes "crazy but elegant" forms through ceramics and other mediums. She included a number of different totems, of which two eventually will be chosen. 


Name: Timewarp

Artist: Tommy Riefe of Davenport, Neb.

Riefe, also a young artist (he earned his bachelor's degree last year), created an impressive steel piece, the first to be installed out of the new selection of sculptures. Behrens said he designed the work first by computer before sculpting. 


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