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How would you like that Twin Bing? Shaken or stirred?

Thanks to a small bar inside Stoney Creek Hotel & Conference Center, one of Sioux City’s quintessential treats has now become drinkable.

If you’re spending the night at Stoney Creek or just happen to waltz into the Third Street hotel’s built-in tavern one evening, the bartenders at Palmer’s Pub have concocted the perfect drink to fulfill your Siouxland taste buds: a Twin Bing Martini.

Made from cherry-flavored nougats covered in a thick layer of chocolate and chopped peanuts, the Twin Bing is one of Palmer Candy Company’s more unique creations. As referenced by its name, the Twin Bing candy bar is a double serving of sugary and chewy deliciousness – individual Bings and the three-pack King Bing can be purchased separately at Palmer’s Olde Tyme Candy Shoppe.

At Palmer’s Pub, the Twin Bing Martini is made from Godiva Chocolate Liqueur, Cherry Dr. McGilluddy’s, Frangelico, a splash of Coke and grenadine.

Bartender Cali Cable served the drink in a cocktail glass with chocolate syrup drizzle along the side and a maraschino cherry to top it all off. Noting the martini’s rich flavors, Cable said the Twin Bing Martini -- in addition to being the most popular cocktail at Palmer’s Pub -- is the perfect drink to finish off the night.

“It’s definitely a dessert drink,” she said. “The Cherry Dr. McGillicuddy’s cuts it so it’s not too thick of a drink. Then we add the splash of Coke, so it goes down very smoothly. The Frangelico is the best part; it really enhances the peanut flavor.”

Lila Plambeck, general manager of Stoney Creek Hotel & Conference Center in Sioux City, said the Twin Bing Martini has been Palmer’s Pub's signature drink ever since Stoney Creek opened in 2009.

Other signature drinks include The Northwoods (made from Malibu, Midori and pineapple juice), an ode to the hotel's decor theme, and the River's Bend (Blue Curaçao, Malibu, peach schnapps, orange juice and cranberry juice), a nod to Sioux City's riverfront and the name of Stoney Creek's conference center.

"Stoney Creek pays tribute to its locations," said Plambeck. "The founder wants to be involved with the communities as much as possible, so that's why we named the conference center the River's Bend and called the bar Palmer's Pub."

Plambeck said the hotel was built on the same property as a former Palmer Candy Company worksite during downtown Sioux City’s urban revitalization project.

Keeping to the foundation's historical roots, Palmer's Pub presents itself as a hotel lobby bar imbued with Sioux City history lessons. Cable said patrons often gaze at the blown-up black and white photographs of Palmer's Candy Company factories and promptly ask, "What is that?"

Cable is happy to indulge; she's always ready serve her customers a helping of the city's history along with a stiff beverage or two.

"People are always asking questions," said Cable, "especially about Palmer Candy."

There's a bit of history hidden in nearly every corner of Palmer's Pub. From the giant Twin Bing sculpture hanging on the wall behind the bar to the cherry-decorated carpet and chairs.

Even Cable carries with her a bit of Palmer Candy history. Born and raised in Sioux City, Cable said her grandma's and mother's first jobs were working at Palmer Candy Company.

Which seems only proper for her to carry on the tradition of making and selling Twin Bings, albeit in a much different way.

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