Barstool Open Circus

Costume contest winners Big-Top Fore-Some: (from left) Mariana Luna, Onnastassia Behan, Stephanie Nitzschke and Maggie Rooney.

For all the putt-putters involved in the boozy camaraderie of the Barstool Open, another year has come and gone and the day was filled with teams of four weaving their ways to all the participating bars around downtown.

Having never participated in this event, my eyes were opened to the ridiculous amounts of fun that were able to be had while participating in mini-golf in 18 different bars.

Starting at Schweddy’s Hot Dogs, the Weekender Warriors began the golf just before 11 a.m., before many of the bars even opened. The hole was not elaborate, but it was a great way to start the day. A couple of putts from each team member was all this hole took. From there we went to DOXX and then the Firehouse. The Firehouse setup was unique, as an employee took our team upstairs where we were to shoot our balls out the window, where they would fall down a PVC pipe and roll into a Plinko board with numbers corresponding to door prizes. (I won a necklace.)

Barstool Schweddy's

The Weekender Warrior's Ranae Reed tees off at the Schweddy's Hot Dogs Eastern Fourth Street location as onlookers patiently wait for their turns.

After the Firehouse, the Warriors made our way to The Marquee, where we strategically hit our balls into a cutout of co-owner Mitch Martin’s mouth.

By this time, more teams were walking the streets; some dressed in elaborate costumes. The two most notable and recognizable teams were themed. One was a group of women wearing circus-themed costumes; the other team consisted of four “Star Wars” characters. Other teams dressed in wigs, tutus and other brightly colored corresponding clothing. Our team decided not to wear costumes, but to enjoy the work of the other teams.

Barstool Open Star Wars

The Force Be With You: (from left) Taylor Strauss, Becca Whalen, Rachel Rhode and Tim Baker.

After finishing the hole at Rebo’s (where many balls kept getting caught in the mini pond that was stocked with a rubber duck), we made our way to the other side of Fourth Street and hit up the Blue Ribbon Tap, Bodega’s, then Work and Church and finally Crash! Boom! Bang! Whiskey Hole.

Mind you, the Warriors had had enough putt-putt after nine holes. Although we didn’t partake in liquid libations at every bar we visited, by 2:30 p.m. we had a good buzz on and decided to just enjoy the rest of the day, have a couple more drinks and scarf down some deliciously greasy pepperoni and hamburger pizza at Bodega.

2019 Barstool Open

Libbi Thompson of Sergeant Bluff reacts after scoring at the Diving Elk during Barstool Open.

The day started to wind down, so we headed to the Firehouse for the wrap-up party to see which bars and teams won the different categories of competitions. By this point there were so many people who had been drinking all day and walking in the sun from bar to bar that everyone was a bit knackered.

2019 Barstool Open

Michael Sagebarth of Norfolk, Neb. tries to push the ball into a pipe during a stop at the Marquee during Barstool Open.

The organizer of the event, Phyl Claeys, decided to get the awards ceremony under way at 5:30 p.m. He approached me to announce the best costume of the Barstool Open.

Two teams won this year’s costume competition. The first set of winners of the costume contest were Big-Top Fore-Some. This was the circus themed team. The members include Onnastassia Behan (Ringleader), Stephanie Nitzschke (Clown), Mariana Luna (Strong Man) and Maggie Rooney (Lion).

The second set of winners of the of the costume contest was The Force Be With You; a “Star Wars” themed team consisting of Taylor Strauss, Becca Whalen, Rachel Rhode and Tim Baker.

The team that got an honorable mention for the most creatively dressed was Brazzalaks, consisting of Prudence and Jeff Michalak and Mark and Lisa Brazzell.

Barstool Open Brazzalacks

The Brazzalacks won the honorary position for being the most creatively dressed. (From Left) Lisa and Mark Brazzell, Phyl Claeys (event coordinator) and Jeff and Prudence Michalak.

The winners of the best score throughout the day was a team consisting of Lisa and Bobby Hassman and Krista and Garrett Van Buskick.

Barstool Open Best Score

The best score winners of the 2019 Barstool Open. (From left) Phyl Claeys (event coordinator), Krista Van Buskick, Bobby Hassman, Garrett Van Buskick and Lisa Hassman.

The hole that was voted most fun was awarded to Buffalo Alice.

The largest amount of votes for the most creative hole went to Soho, the same bar that won this year's title of "2019 River-Cade Barstool Open Bar of the Year."

2019 Barstool Open

Anna Rosenbeck of Sioux City plays mini-golf at the Diving Elk during Barstool Open.

After finding out how fun this event was and the fact that people go all out with costumes truly made this a memorable event for this Weekender writer and I personally cannot wait for next year...this time WITH costumes.

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