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Friday, June 16

6 p.m. – Here’s to You

This Ames-based band is fairly new, having played its first show about a year ago. Here’s to You gives off vibes of old school punk rock, which is almost never a bad thing. Don’t be fooled by the band’s simple set up, these guys find ways to release that pent up energy onto the crowd, which in turn reacts like crazed beasts. The group returns to Sioux City to kick off the Court Street Stage during the first evening of Awesome Biker Nights.

7 p.m. – The Midnight Devils

The Omaha-based group 3D In Your Face has always been a beloved act at Awesome Biker Nights. After one of the band members parted ways, the remaining rock ‘n’ rollers decided to evolve their show. They gave it a new name: The Midnight Devils. The band combines glam rock from the 1980s with the boogie woogie rock made popular in the 1950s by Elvis Presley. It’s a combo that’s unique and affective and joy to listen to.

10 p.m. – Somewhere Between Heaven and Hell

That name should sound familiar to fans of punk rock. It serves as the title of the fourth studio album by Social Distortion. But in Sioux City it’s the name of the (unofficial) Social Distortion tribute band. Made up of Ben Ely, Adam Crawford, Eric Riley and Tucker Long, the band captures the raw energy and spirit of one of the world’s most popular punk groups. These guys have a deep appreciation for the band’s music. Somewhere Between Heaven and Hell allows them all to let loose and play.

Saturday, June 17

Noon – Z-98

Kicking off the Saturday entertainment at the Court Street Stage is the band Z-98. Wait, no. That’s not a band. But it’s close. Z-98 is “Sioux City’s best rock” radio station, home of the Z-98 Underground, Morning Adjustment with Eric Bishop and more. Come hang out before the party starts!

1 p.m. – Showtime Karaoke

Musicians can’t have all of the fun. Sometimes we simple folk without “instruments” or “talent” have to step up and entertain the masses. The best way to do so is with karaoke. Whether or not you can sing is irrelevant. It’s all about having fun. What are you waiting for? It’s showtime.

2:30 p.m. – Trip Modus

This Sioux City band has a clear vision of what rock music should sound like. With that kind of attitude, you know you’re in for a treat. Made up of guitarist Ryan Biggs, bassist Dan Wozny and drummer Tim Stanek, Trip Modus brings a loud and vigorous show to the table. These guys certainly know how to tantalize your earholes.

4 p.m. – Port Nocturnal

Isn’t it odd to find a desert rock band in the middle of Sioux City? Well, who said you needed a dry, barren wasteland as your backdrop? While definitely influenced by the aforementioned genre, Port Nocturnal adds elements of psychedelic, blues and progressive rock into their overall sound. You can rock out or you can groove to the music – hell, you can do both. The band’s latest album, “Spire Daze,” highlights the band’s strengths and is just begging to be released on vinyl.

6 p.m. – GhostCat

Sioux City’s indie funk rock band knows the intricacies of song building. GhostCat takes the traditional songwriting formula and turns it on its head, giving their songs variance. The group goes out of its way to make sure each song is different and serves its own purpose. A popular group in Siouxland, GhostCat is a three-time winner of Western Iowa Tech Community College’s battle of the bands, as well as a two-time winner of The Chesterfield’s battle of the bands. GhostCat’s most recent album, “How Infinite the Sky,” further solidifies the group’s place in the music scene.

8 p.m. – Top Down

Who doesn’t love a good party band? Especially one with a name like Top Down – we assume it’s a reference to the drinking phrase “bottom’s up,” except it’s the opposite. When this team of talented musicians takes the stage, they bring with them a ton of authentic energy and a love for all things music. And they know how to put on a good show.  

10 p.m. – 35th & Taylor

Closing out the night is the Siouxland group 35th & Taylor. This group has come a long way in the past few years. The band was once known as November 35th and made up of mostly teen-aged musicians. We surmise that with each passing year this band will get better and better. Lead by the soulful singer Anna Taylor, the group plays a repertoire of original alternative rock tunes. The release of the album “I Know You’re Trouble,” which was recorded in Nashville, showed off the band’s varied influences and propelled them forward in ways they probably hadn’t expected. Get ready to rock out.


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