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Marty's Tap

The signature drink at Marty's Tap is a Marty’s Mule.

Most of my weekends are spent either conducting interviews for work or sitting on the couch staring at a computer screen all day until I eventually pass out from boredom. This is my schedule, my life. And it rarely ever changes. But last Saturday it did.

I had company. My girlfriend Elizabeth decided to drive to Sioux City and visit for the weekend. Shot in the Dark Productions was hosting one of her favorite theater shows, “The Last Five Years,” and she wanted the both of us to go see it. Well, why not? Plus, it had been years since she was last in Sioux City, so we planned a night out to celebrate.

I got to share Sioux City with her and introduce her to places she had never been to since she was last in town. Here are the places we visited:


Located smack dab in the middle of Court Street, Marty's Tap has since livened up its space with unique events, friendly staff and an eclectic atmosphere. Elizabeth loved the dive-y decor, as well as the newly added Brioux City Brewery beer. I'm still not quite sure which drink she loved most: Brioux City's Peanut Buddha Stout or the bar's signature Marty's Mule.


We initially planned to eat dinner at this Fourth Street restaurant but ultimately decided to snack on a tasty appetizer: the goat cheese fondue served with bread. My girlfriend's college roommate and her significant other joined us for drinks. It was a chill time and was a much needed change of pace after our pre-game at Marty's. 


Elizabeth and I have seen shows at the Sioux City Community Theatre and Lamb Arts Regional Theatre, but we had yet to see a show together at Shot in the Dark Productions. Once she found out one of her favorite musicals was scheduled, we figured it was the best time to go. The two-person show was delightful, and the intimate setting really amplified the experience. Time well spent. 


We like whiskey -- preferably bourbon. I must say it's a lovely attribute to share with your significant other. Thus, when I told her about a whiskey-centered bar near the Pearl Street District, I knew we'd have to make an appearance. We both ordered Bulleit on the rocks. We savored each sip and listened to the band playing music in the corner stage. We knew these would be our last drinks for the night.


Is there no better end to a night than a trip to La Juas? All you foodie snobs that think La Juas is crap or gone down hill can jog on. To hell with ya. We got there at the perfect time. No line. No wait. No rush. We ordered our sopes and enjoyed every bite. Our baskets were scraped clean. Oh, yes, indeedy. We left with satisfied smiles on our faces. We experienced a grand Sioux City night. And we're still talkin' about it days later. Never say there's nothing to do.


Weekender reporter

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