Having a quandary about places to eat? Well, Weekender readers feel your pain ... and they've decided to add to your confusion.

Reflecting on this year's list of Siouxland's Choice Award winners, it is clear that we have eateries that will satisfy virtually every palette and price point.

Get out yo' stretchy pants because we are famished!

In the mood for something All-American? Julie Schoenherr and her crew at Soho Kitchen & Bar gives traditional food a funky flair. Their Popper Topper Burger, Gourmet Grilled Cheese Sandwich and New York Cobb Salad are all good reasons why this 1024 Historic Fourth restaurant is a perennial award winner.   

However, America remains very much a melting pot of cuisines. That makes Da Kao Restaurant -- the first-place in Asian food -- such a jewel. We may not be able to pronounce pho, mi xao don, bo luc lac or very many of the authentic Vietnamese and Chinese meals at 800 West Seventh St. but we sure know how to point. Pro tip: everything's delicious!

Do you have visions of sugar plums dancing in your head? Our advice: seek mental help. But if you simply want something sweet to nosh on, Weekenders readers recommend Sugar Shack, 700 Jennings St., as their favorite bakery. They also took best dessert honors.

Um .. we think you have something on your chin. Not there, there. Ah hell, it's every place! With barbecue, the messier you get, the better the que! This must make Famous Dave's Bar-B-Que, 201 Pierce St, the messiest place in town! After all, it took top honors for best BBQ in Siouxland.

Know what's the brunch-iest place in town happens to be? We hope that's a word since Johnnie Mars Family Restaurant, 2405 East Fifth St. is Siouxland's Choice for favorite brunch joint. Might we suggest their Sirloin Breakfast Special, which consists of an 8-ounce steak, two eggs, your choice of potatoes and, hopefully, a cot out in back. This is enough to put anyone in one helluva food coma.   

Everybody loves a buffet because of the shear variety of foods available. So, what can you get at Pizza Ranch, this year's winner for best buffet? At the 3116 Floyd Blvd. restaurant, we know you can get pizza and, um, salad and, um, their dessert pizza is pretty good. Did we mention they have a lotta different types of pizza in their buffet?

Confession time: We've been to Jim's Burgers (multiple locations in Sioux City) hundreds of times but have never actually ordered the burger! However, the Siouxland's Choice award for best burger goes to Jim's Burgers ... so they must be good.

Weekender fans may be informal. Still, we clean up well. That's why our readers chose Kahill's Chophouse, 385 East Fourth St., South Sioux City, as their fine dining restaurant of choice.  Perfect for a hot date, if you ask us.

Know what's perfect for a cold date? Le Mars, Iowa's Blue Bunny Ice Cream Parlor, of course. Located at 115 Central Ave. N.W., this is the Siouxland's Choice winner for fave frozen treat.

Are they pronounced YEE-roes or Year-roes or does it even matter. It's all Greek to me, which is good since Greek to Me, 5714 Sunnybrook Drive is your choice for favorite Greek food.

We know this has never happened to you, personally. Having said that, La Juanita, 1316 Pierce St., is taking home a Siouxland's Choice Award for Best Hangover food. They're also getting one for best Mexican food. That means La Wah is tops for when you're either sober or drunk-ish.

Here's a little known fact about Trattoria Fresco's Israel Padilla. The dude can cook like nobody's business plus he's a prizefighter in his free time. Can Israel kick our asses? Yes. Does his 511 Fourth St. restaurant still deserve the title of Siouxland's Choice for best Italian food? Yes. 

Sioux City's gift to the culinary world happens to be the tavern, which was invented at the former Ye Olde Tavern Restaurant in the mid-1920s. So, who makes the best loosemeats? According to Weekender readers, that honor goes to Miles Inn, 2622 Leech Ave., the home of the perfectly peppery Charlie Boy.

Al fresco dining, how European! Well, our Siouxland's Choice award for outdoor dining goes to Old Chicago Pizza and Taproom, 5030 Sergeant Road. Aah, dining with the backdrop of Lakeport Commons! Venice, look out!

Speaking of all things Italiano, Jerry's Pizza (1417 Morningside Ave. and 328 W. 25th) had our readers pie-eyed when it comes to their favorite pizza.

They may be "freaky fast" but Jimmy Johns (2408 Hamilton Blvd. and 5001 Sergeant Road) was also your choice for favorite sandwich shop. 

Often recognized as one of the best steakhouses in America, Le Mars, Iowa'a very own Archie's Waeside, 224 Fourth Ave, N.E. is, once again, Siouxland's Choice for best steak. And once again, we question our ability to spell "Waeside" correctly. Nah, that's right. Um ... we think.  

Would you order sushi in a strip mall? Seriously, Tokyo Japanese Steakhouse & Sushi Bar is legit. Check 'em out at 4567 Southern Hills Drive. Our readers did. That's why they were chosen as Siouxland's favorite place for sushi!



1. So-Ho Kitchen & Bar

2. Johnnie Mars Family Restaurant

3. Table 32


1. Bob Roe's Point After

2. SoHo Kitchen & Bar

3. Crave American Kitchen & Sushi Bar


1. DaKao

2. Golden Bowl

3. Diamond Thai Cuisine


1. Sugar Shack Bakery

2. Sunkist Bakery

3. Hy-Vee Bakery


1. Bob Roe's Point After

2. The Diving Elk

3. The Wheelhouse Bar & Grill


1. Famous Dave's Bar-B-Q Sioux City

2. Kylie Q BBQ

3. Aggies


1. Johnnie Mars Family Restaurant

2. Harvey's

3. Kahill's


1. Pizza Ranch

2. Mr. Stirfry

3. World Tour Buffet


1. Jim's Burgers

2. SoHo Kitchen & Bar

3. Brightside Cafe & Deli


1. Bob Roe's Point After

2. Townhouse Pizza & Lounge

3. Buffalo Wild Wings


1. The Sugar Shack Bakery

2. Kahill's Chophouse

3. SoHo Kitchen & Bar


1. Kahill's Chophouse

2. Minerva's Food & Cocktails

3. Crave American Kitchen & Sushi Bar


1. Blue Bunny Ice Cream Parlor

2. Culver's

3. (TIED) CherryBerry

3. (TIED) Dairy Queen


1. Greek To Me!

2. Opa Time

3. Johnnie Mars Family Restaurant


1. La Juanita

2. Tacos El Guero

3. Perkins Restaurant & Bakery


1. Trattoria Fresco

2. Olive Garden Italian Restaurant

3. M's on 4th


1. Charlie Boy - Miles Inn

2. Tastee - Tastee Inn & Out

3. Bob's Drive Inn


1. La Juanita

2. Daga's Mexican Grill

3. El Ranchito Restaurant & Bar


1. Old Chicago Pizza and Taproom

2. Crave American Kitchen & Sushi

3. Main + Abbey


1. Jerry's Pizza

2. El Fredo Pizza

3. Bob Roe's Point After


1. Jimmy John's

2. Pickerman's Soup & Sandwich

3. Firehouse Subs


1. Red Lobster

2. Crave American Kitchen & Sushi Bar

3. Kahill's Chophouse


1. Archie's Waeside

2. Texas Roadhouse

3. Kahill's Chophouse


1. Tokyo Japanese Steakhouse & Sushi Bar

2. Crave American Kitchen & Sushi Bar

3. Fuji Bay


1. Bob Roe's Point After

2. Chinese Chef

3. Shahi Palace India Grill

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