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Jim's Lounge owner Braden Keith said the first-ever Morningside Bar Crawl will encourage people to check out his bar as well as the other three participating bars.

What's a better way of spending your Saturday than day-drinking at your favorite bar? Try spending your Saturday day-drinking at four of your favorite bars!

That's the concept behind the first Morningside Bar Crawl, according to Braden Keith, owner of Jim's Lounge.

"This is our way of allowing people to sample four different bars over a short period of time," he explained. "If you like the vibe at one bar, you can stay there. If you want to try something new, well, we have bus leaving every 15 minutes."

"From noon to 5 p.m., Saturdays, we'll have party buses running every 15 minutes," he said. "This week, the bus will leave the Half Moon Bar & Grill at 12:15 p.m., leave Jim's Lounge at 12:30 p.m., leave Tav on the Ave at 12:45 p.m. and leave Rob Roe's Point After at 1 p.m."

Next week, the bus will be leaving Jim's Lounge first and Half Moon last.

"That's the trick," Keith said. "Each of the bars on the Morningside Bar Crawl has a very distinct identity. We just want to mix things up a bit."

The key, he said, is the party bus.

"We can get you from place to place," Keith said. "This means all you have to do is have fun."

It costs is $5 for a wristband that can purchased at any of the participating bars.

Plus, each bar will be offering special Morningside Bar Crawl incentive. For instance, Jim's Lounge will be selling a different $3 shot, every Saturday afternoon.

Keith said such weekend bar crawls are perfect for men wanting to watch their favorite college football teams.

It might even work as a getaway for women.

"Everybody leads such hectic lives nowadays," Keith noted. "I can totally picture women meeting up for a few hours and have a drink or two."

Owner of the venerable Jim's Lounge since 2010, Keith said a night doesn't go by without him reconnecting with friends.

"We're creatures of habits," he conceded. "We go to same bars, see the same people and do the same thing. Bar crawls are a perfect way to change things up."

This is especially true when all of the participating Morningside bars are within close proximity to one another. 

"We couldn't do a party bus if we couldn't get people from place to place in a reasonable amount of time," Keith said. "We just ask people to leave their coolers at home. If you want something to drink, support your local bar."

Which is ultimately why he is so excited about this first-ever Morningside Bar Crawl.

"On Fourth Street, a person can walk from bar to bar to bar," Keith said. "In Morningside, that's a bit more challenging.

"Weekends are meant to be fun and relaxing," Keith said. "The Morningside Bar Crawl will keep everyone safe, show everyone a good time and, hopefully, give everyone a chance to venture in a bar you hadn't tried before."

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