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REVIEW: How good are 'booze-sicles' this summer at The Marquee?

REVIEW: How good are 'booze-sicles' this summer at The Marquee?

Marquee Booze-cicles

The Marquee's Mitch Martin fanning a multitude of flavors of booze-cicles available throughout the summer.

Everyone has wonderful childhood memories of slurping on flavored ice-sicles on a sweltering summer day.

But who said such memories have to end when we reach adulthood. That's especially true when we replace flavored ice-sicles ingredients like orange, banana and grape with more mature ingredients as tequila, vodka and Jack Daniels Whiskey.

Mitch Martin, The Marquee's mixology mastermind began experimenting with specialty "Booze-sicles" for the 1225 Fourth St. bar a while back.


"The best times in the bar business are always in the spring and in the autumn," he explained. "We have to be more creative in drumming up business in the winter and, especially, in the summertime."

At the Marquee, Martin has recently introduced a new menu of fishbowl and mixed drinks, named after either famous musicians or famous songs.

"The Marquee is known for being a music club," he said. "It just made sense to have fun with drink names."

For instance, the Little Red Corvette fishbowl is made with a strawberry lemonade vodka, a strawberry puree, along with fresh-sliced lemons and strawberries while a Good Vibrations Mai Tai Mixed Drink has spiced rum, coconut rum, pineapple juice, orange juice, Grenadine plus plenty of orange and cherry garnishes.

Even more imaginative are The Marquee's menu of summertime mules and the aforementioned booze-sicles.


Well, if you were wondering why we're using "flavored ice-sicles" instead of a certain "P" word, it is become Popsicle is a brand name, not a generic catch-all term.

Invented by an 11-year-old, Oakland, California, kid named Francis "Frank" Epperson. 

You see, young Frank was mixing powdered flavorings for soft drinks in his back porch. He accidentally left it outside on an unusually cold (for California) night. 

That night, the temps dripped below freezing. The next morning, Frank discovered the liquid had solidified and attached itself to a wooden stick he used to stir.

Thus, my friends, an American classic was born.

Fast forward 114 years later and The Marquee's Martin was further perfecting the concept.


Not all alcohol freezes at the same rate. That was something that Martin discovered after much trial and error.

Here's a good rule. The lower the alcohol point, the warmer its freezing point. The higher the alcohol point, the colder its freezing point.  

By that we mean a beer with an Alcohol By Volume (ABV) between 3 to 10 percent can only by kept in a freezer for a few minutes. Wine can only be kept in a freezer for an hour without being put at risk. 

However, high-proof spirits like gin, vodka and whiskey can easily withstand long-term freezing. 

Still, a booze-sicle will melt faster than a flavored ice-sicle, Martin said.

"You have to eat it in a hurry to get the full icicle effect," he said. 


Currently, The Marquee has six different Booze-sicle flavors.

They include the Tennessee Whiskey (Jack Daniels and Coca-Cola); Cruel Summer (vodka, lemonade, pureed strawberries); Tequila Sunrise (Tequila, pineapple juice and Grenadine); and Wipeout (rum, Blue Curacao and lemonade).

Weekender taste testers sampled the Summer Breeze and the Jimmy Buffett booze-sicles.


WHAT'S IN IT: Coconut rum, pineapple, orange juice and cherry

WHAT DID IT TASTE LIKE: It tasted exactly like one of those paper umbrella drinks you see on TV. Feel like you're on a expensive cruise without leaving the "712."

AVERAGE SUCK TIME: Suck fast cuz it melts in less than five minutes.  


WHAT'S IN IT: Tequila, Triple Sec, Lime, Sugar and Salt. Sadly, it contained no cheeseburger in paradise.

WHAT DID IT TAKE LIKE: We questioned the wisdom of freezing tequila but a little time in the chiller didn't damper its potency. If you have more than a few of these things, you may end up seeing parrotheads all around you.

AVERAGE SUCK TIME: You have more than five minutes to mellow out but not much longer. 


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