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Texting While Driving

A man uses his cell hone as he drives through traffic. This is now illegal to do in Iowa and many other states.

In Sioux City, as well as many other cities in this world, drivers have been becoming less conscientious of the road and everyone else driving on it. This doesn't include everybody, because some people still have common respect for the rules, but the numbers of disrespectful drivers is ballooning.

Whenever I am driving my car, I am very cautious and try to see everything that is going on around me. Some people enjoy their phones so much, and are so addicted to texting, that they never put their phones down. While driving, this is an unfortunate thing to do. In a split second any number of bad things can happen if you aren't paying attention to the road ahead of you. A child could chase a stray ball into the street before you look up from your screen, instantly making you a murderer. You could hit a deer. You could run a red light, causing an interchange pileup. The possibilities are limitless.

Another thing I can't stand about some drivers is their inability to use a four-way stop correctly. Some people must not understand how they work, or are too self-serving to follow the rules. The concept is very simple. You go in the order in which you stopped. Does that sound very confusing to you? Then there are the ignoramuses that don't want to stop at all, so they just follow in the turn of the car stopped directly ahead of them.

Let's get right to the next point. Many people must be very forgetful. They forget that they have turn signals located to the left of the steering wheel. Cars have them for a reason. For God's sake, please start using them. It infuriates me when drivers don't make their intentional path clear. It is dangerous, and it is extremely preventable. If you are too lazy to flick your signal, how did you walk to your car in the first place?

We all get old if we are lucky enough to be gifted with many years. Sometimes your faculties stay intact. Sometimes your eyesight goes. Sometimes your motor skills slow down. This is unfortunately why I don't think some of the elderly should be allowed to drive. It honestly scares me when I see an old Buick racing down the street at fifteen miles per hour with nobody driving. Wait a minute! There's the top of a little white curly head, and underneath are a pair of bottle-thick glasses. How is this little old lady seeing over the wheel when the wheel is over her head? Sorry Grandma, time to give up the license.

One more thing that annoys me is rubberneckers. I unfortunately rubberneck at times, but I usually keep my vision where it should be. It makes me livid when I'm in a 35 mile per hour zone and there's a guy ahead doing a zippy 20. I watch as he is looking at everything he is driving by. With each swing of his head, the car swerves towards that direction. Hey mister, there's no one in front of you, and I can't pass you, but I have to get to work or an interview. You are a jerk and I severely wish you were not ahead of me. If you are so curious about your surroundings, pull over and walk around.

There are so many problems with drivers these days that I almost want to go off the grid and not drive. Whether it is people forgetting the basics like the four-way stop or how to use a turn-signal, it is just frustrating. I hope that while reading you may have smiled and related to some of these issues, and maybe let out a couple chuckles.

Happy trails.

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