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Lil Red and the Medicated Moose Band

Bryan and Tiffany Jurries of Lil Red and the Medicated Moose Band.

With a name like Lil’ Red and the Medicated Moose Band, these winning musicians get attention. If you live in Sioux City and haven’t heard about this band, your head must be firmly secured under a rock.

The band has had a great year of playing shows both in and out of town (including opening up Saturday in the Park in 2018) and releasing its debut CD, “Stories.”

The Weekender sat down with Lil’ Red (Tiffany Jurries) and her husband, the Medicated Moose (Bryan Jurries) to talk about their first win in the Siouxland’s Choice Awards.

How do you feel about the community choosing you as the No. 1 country/acoustic act in the choice awards?

Bryan: “Well, this is our hometown. To be recognized by your peers…I know a lot of local musicians voted as well as friends and family…it’s really an honor. It means a lot that people around us enjoy what we are doing. The most important thing to us is to have a good home base.”

Tiffany: “When we started, we wrote our own music and didn’t know if the community would take to it, but they love it and support us and come to our shows. We’re pretty fortunate with that.”

Did you think this would happen after you took second in the same category last year?

Bryan: “No, we never expected it to happen. I didn’t promote it on purpose because I wanted to get a real feel for it. I think a lot of people get lots of friends and family members to vote, but we didn’t.”

To what do you credit your win?

Bryan: “Basically the music. If people enjoy what you are doing, you are going to get recognized for it. There are plenty of better guitar players, singers and musicians, but if you have something that people can connect to, that is what makes people vote for you and connect.”

Tiffany: “Doing what you love and getting it out there is the first step, and then all the venues that have given us the opportunity to show people what we love to do, even if people didn’t know us…forever we were just playing in our own home.”

How is it celebrating a win with your loved one?

Bryan: “It’s amazing. This is stuff that means more than we can even express in song-form. If we could write a song about how good it feels having a song that people enjoy, I wish I could…maybe someday we’ll be able to be that good. It’s such a good feeling to create something out of absolutely nothing together and have people say it’s their favorite song…or that one made me cry…or that one we would like you to play at our wedding. That means more than any amount of money anyone can give us. It means a ton. The fact that we get to do it together is extra special.”

Tiffany: “We still listen to this CD (‘Stories’) and wonder how we came up with these songs out of absolutely nothing. It’s just pieces and pieces.”

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