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Risty Bryce

Amber Anderson-Britton, Risty Bryce and Jeremy Cameron of In Due Time.

For having only been a band for about a year, In Due Time’s Risty Bryce says he’s humbled to see his group win this year’s Siouxland’s Choice Award for best “Local Country/Acoustic Band.”

The three-piece consists of singer and guitarist Amber Anderson-Britton, bassist Jeremy Cameron and Bryce on drums. The Weekender spoke to Bryce on the band’s recent win:

In Due Time marked your return to the music scene. What’s it feel like to be back?

Bryce: Really, really cool. When I left the scene, I don’t even know if there was a Siouxland’s Choice or anything like that. We just went and played. To be recognized by your peers after coming back into the music scene with everyone — I know it’s kind of a special circumstance with the way I came back into it — it’s just so fun to come back and play. I never thought I’d play in an acoustic/country band ever. But I absolutely love it. We’re starting to write and put some things together. Hopefully within the next year we’ll be at Two Bird Dog Recording Studios to record. We plan on staying around for awhile.

The last time I saw you guys perform was at the Woods Unsigned Battle of the Bands. What was that experience like to show off your original songs and musical chops?

Bryce: Before, we were basically [playing] all originals. This one was the first band that was more covers. To do the battle of the bands and showcase our originals was so fun. It was exciting to play what we’ve written together and get a really cool response. To see that people like your music is a validating experience. It makes you feel good about what you’ve done. I think this is going to give us a little more fire to get out there and maybe play a little bit more and try to do more fun stuff. We gotta live up to it now I suppose.

What’s to come for In Due Time?

Bryce: We are going to record. We’re thinking about adding maybe one [more person] into our lineup. But as far as that goes I think we’re just going to keep pushing and writing. Amber is about to have a baby in June, so then that’s going to slow up our timeline a little bit. Maybe. Maybe it wont. We’ll just take it from there. We’re not by any means ready to call it quits. We’re excited to get out there and write more music.


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