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Saturday In The Park 2017 (Siouxland's Choice Awards)

Jason Reinert (Eboli) and Mark Koenigs (Protige) of D.A.D.

Has anyone been keeping track of D.A.D.’s accomplishments? Since the hip-hop duo released its debut album in June 2016, the masterful rappers Eboli and Protige and their DJ The Sound Insurgent have released four music videos that garnered millions of views, appeared on The Abe Stage at Saturday in the Park, won Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Sioux City’s Road To Vegas 2 battle of the bands and are now judges at Hard Rock’s BAND6k competition.

The list just keeps growing, especially now that D.A.D. won the Siouxland’s Choice Award for best “Local Hip-Hop Artist/DJ.” The Weekender spoke to Eboli (Jason Reinert) and Protige (Mark Koenigs) about the state of the scene and how camaraderie feels like it’s at an all-time high.

Right now, it seems the local hip-hop scene is very, very active. How do you feel about the scene right now?

Eboli: Yeah, the hip-hop scene is pretty active right now. Everybody has already been there doing that stuff, but they all decided to put it to the forefront. I think the timing was correct. Everybody was ready. Ready to release everything in one juncture.

Protige: I feel myself moving into more of a mentor-style role, which makes me feel really old. There’s part of me that hates that because I want to be the young buck with hot lyrics. But also I’m kind of embracing that part and I feel like it’s almost on us to keep the scene united. Since we have the platform, we might as well do good with it. The camaraderie we’ve seen so far is working and that’s why hip-hop in Sioux City is booming.

“Camaraderie” is a good word to describe it. The good vibes are flowing.

Eboli: I think it’s the whole music scene. It’s not just hip-hop.

Protige: It’s expanding beyond hip-hop, too. Whether that attributes to us or not, I don’t know. The days of beefing are over, as far as inner-city style. The more I see people moving as a unit, the more I see progress.

Eboli: I almost feel like this battle [Road to Vegas/BAND6k] somehow possibly drives competition here, and then there’s no need for it outside of that.

D.A.D. just released its latest album, “DAD to the Bone.” What are your thoughts on it? Are you happy with your approach to the follow-up?

Eboli: Honestly, I think it’s some of the best work we’ve ever done

Protige: We took a different route on this one. We went heavy trap-ish on the first one. We tried to display a little versatility.

Eboli: On this one, we definitely were more aiming toward the “dad” aspect, instead of it just happening. It still kind of just happened — it made itself, regardless. But it was more thought out. It’s more range. It shows you more of what we’re capable of.

Protige: Before this stint happened, we were hip-hop. And we still are hip-hop. I never want that part of me to die.

Eboli: You don’t want to turn it into just a gimmick.

Protige: If you ever had any question over whether we could rap, go to “DAD Got Bars.” We’re hip-hop heads at heart.


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