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The 2017 NAIA National Volleyball Championship Tournament is underway, which means downtown will be bustling with Siouxland newcomers.

Some might already be familiar with the enticing nightlife activities present on Historic Fourth Street and the Pearl Street District, but for those of you who are new to this, we've got a few places you should check out within walking distance of the Tyson Events Center:


What better way to commemorate a victorious set than with a round of libations. Sioux City has plenty of bars in town, each with their own unique flair. But before we get to some of the more standout bars, we want to give a nod to the closest pub in proximity to the Tyson Events Center: Palmer's Pub.

Named after the a previous Palmer Candy Company worksite, the bar is located inside the Stoney Creek Hotel & Conference Center and has a warm atmosphere with its dim lighting and comfortable furniture. Palmer's Pub is also home to the deliciously sweet Twin Bing Martini. Can't get more "Sioux City" than that, right?

The Tyson Events Center is also close to the Pearl Street District, which is chock full of bars to fit every personality. Are you the raucous type who loves karaoke? Visit Bergie's Bar! Do you prefer a more eclectic destination with lots of sass? Come on over to Work & Chuch Booze Parlor. Whiskey drinker? Crash! Boom! Bang! Whiskey Hole is your place. Martinis and wine tickle your fancy? Try Pearl's Wine & Booze. Want to party like it's St. Patty's Day? McCarthy & Bailey's Irish Pub is the place to be.

And let's not forget the bars on Historic Fourth Street. Buffalo Alice, 21st Amendment and ROX & RAILS will probably suit best for groups. 


There's food to suite every occasion. Need a hearty breakfast? Chances are Perkins Restaurant & Bakery and IHOP will be your safest bets. And if you're looking for a quick cup of coffee, then we suggest you try out the Scooter's Coffee kiosk off Gordon Drive near Chili's Grill & Bar.

Although if you really want a unique breakfast, we suggest you take a long walk to Jitters for coffee and donuts. You'll know you're getting close when you realize how much you're salivating from the intoxicating aroma of freshly made donuts decorated with chocolate, vanilla and maple frosting, along with other tasty toppings.

Restaurants like Famous Dave's Bar-B-Que and Chilis are great choices as well for both lunch and dinner. However, if you're in a rush for a bite at lunchtime, we suggest you visit Milwaukee Wiener House for a couple of coneys. This long-time Sioux City restaurant is located in far end of the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Sioux City parking lot and has knack for fast service. You'll get your hotdogs loaded with meat sauce, mustard and onions in a jiffy. 

But of course, we can't talk about Sioux City food and not mention La Juanita. Yes, it's more than a walk away from the Tyson Events Center, but what's to stop you from using an Uber or a cab to get there? However, if you'd like a closer taqueria-style Mexican food experience, you can always venture to Tacos El Guero. They got all the eats; tacos, burritos, nachos, sopes -- you name it. Some have even argued Tacos El Guero is better than La Juanita. We'll let you be the judge.


So now that we've got your stomachs full, we'll send you to a few destinations to walk off those calories while also taking in a bit of knowledge to boot. One place that always comes to mind is the Sioux City Public Museum. Located in the heart of downtown Sioux City, this place is full of Sioux City history. Through the many displays, artifacts and showcases, you'll learn tidbits about our town's history that might come in handy during a trivia night a couple years down the road.

If you're an art enthusiast, then look no further than the Sioux City Art Center. Home to numerous exhibits, the Sioux City Art Center brings exciting visual arts to our region with both permanent and temporary displays of all styles. 

And of course, you probably should check out the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Sioux City before you leave town. Even though you might not fancy yourself a high stakes gambler, that doesn't mean you should deprive yourself of the establishment's vast collection of music memorabilia. There are displays of costumes, instruments and other oddities placed all over the gaming floor, as well as the outer rim of the casino lead to places like the World Tour Buffet and Main + Abbey. KISS, Beatles, Aerosmith, Bob Dylan and more -- there's something for everyone to appreciate. 


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