'What would you name your own music festival, and what kind of performers would be playing?'

Chad Pauling

Retail and Digital Advertising Director

"My festival would be named Mitch-A-Palooza, you know keeping it Old School and I wouldn’t have some student alt rock band coming on… I’d have more electronics up there than a KISS concert. You think I'm gonna roll out this type of red carpet for marching band? I’d recommend that you make sure you can see the stage."

Earl Horlyk

Staff Writer

"I’d book Weezer, Talking Heads and Vampire Weekend and call the festival 'Nerdfest.'"

Patrick Rooney

Account Executive

"Tough one…How about ROCKIN’ AT THE RANCH, we’ve got 60 acres, and the neighbors will hate us… but since we are dreaming, why not: Fleetwood Mac [median age 72]; Paul McCartney [Macca is 76]; The Eagles [median age 70]; Chicago [median age 67]; KISS [median age 64] for my banker, who is a fan; Rod Stewart [73]; Paul Simon & Art Garfunkel together again [each is 77]; Jackson Browne [69]; Bob Seger [74]; Carlos Santana [72 in July]; Steve Miller Band [Steve is 75] this one is for my wife, a big fan; and we have Bruce Springsteen close the show [69]…4 days, 3 acts each, Warren Buffett is picking up the tab…"

Ari E. Lebowitz

Staff Writer

"It would be called 'Know Your Enemy Fest' and the headliners would be Rage Against the Machine, Prophets of Rage, Cypress Hill, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Muse, Radiohead, Pearl Jam, Jane's Addiction and The Smashing Pumpkins."

Mason Dockter

Staff Writer

"Sitar Land, where all the music is sitar. There’s gonna be a lot of beads and Nehru jackets, but no incense, because I don’t like stinky incense."

Nikki Ahlquist

Graphic Designer

"The Bluth Family Presents… The Cornballer Festival. The Cornballer beloved by wide variety of audiences from indie & rock to our feature show BlueMan Group. Don’t forget to stop by our famous frozen banana stand, it’s a crowd favorite!"

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