Question of the week

Question of the week


'If you were to try to break a record in the 'Guinness Book of World Records,' what would that record be?'

Chad Pauling


"Most winningest fantasy football team ever. (it won’t happen, but I can try, right?)”

Earl Horlyk

Staff Writer

"Having the most surplus candy hoarded away. I don’t what precipitated this but I have enough chocolate bars and assorted-flavored Pocky at my house to survive a Zombie Apocalypse, provided the undead don’t have sweet tooths."

Patrick Rooney

Account Executive

"Is there a category for most books read in a lifetime? I am not saying I can break it, but I still have years to go, and you just never know."

Ari E. Lebowitz

Staff Writer

"I tend to put CDs in my car CD player and listen to the same album for months at a time, it seems. My record would be most repeats of a single album while driving."

Mason Dockter

Staff Writer

"There’s lots of embarrassing non-accomplishments of mine that would probably break a world record, but which I don’t want to be known for. I have nothing more to say."

Nikki Ahlquist

Graphic Designer

"I would go for the longest time spent playing board games."


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