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‘What are your favorite foods to eat while watching the Super Bowl?’

Chad Pauling

Retail and Digital Advertising Director

"1. Bacon Wrapped, Brown Sugar Mini Winnies  

2. Apricot Deviled Eggs

3. Buffalo Chicken Dip

4. Ranch Beer Cheese Dip w/ Buffalo Pretzels

5. Chicken Wings"

Earl Horlyk

Staff Writer

"Li’l Smokies covered in a zesty barbeque sauce takes me back to the Super Bowl parties from my childhood. Can’t remember the games but will always remember the foods."

Patrick Rooney

Account Executive

"We usually have a big pot of chili, some chips and dip, lots of finger food seems to be around too. I always hope for pie or brownies but it is whatever it is. It's game time, we eat what’s there. If someone brings pizza, or brats we eat that, too."

Daniel Aldana

Graphic Designer

"The classic chips and dip are the way to go.”

Ari E. Lebowitz

Staff Writer

"I don't usually watch the Super Bowl (or any sporting events), but I love guacamole with tortilla chips. Buffalo wings with bleu cheese dressing are also amazing!"

Mason Dockter

Staff Writer

"I like the chill classics the kids like: liver and onions, oysters, caviar."

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