"Got any tips on how to survive a Sioux City winter?"

Cynthia Donovan

Classified and Digital Advertising Director


"Besides the obvious go-to-Belize-for-four-months, what I like to do is get wrapped up in a series on Netflix, drink a glass or two of wine and wear comfy warm clothes."

Christopher Braunschweig

Staff Writer


"Dress in too many layers, make sure you've replaced your tires and hope you never have to drive uphill to get to work. Or maybe do what the birds do and just fly south for the winter."

Earl Horlyk

Staff Writer


"Plenty of hot cider and hot buttered rum. Essentially, anything combining fire and alcohol will do."

Jeremy Heizelman

Account Executive


"Stay busy. Winter cabin fever is a very real thing."

Nikki Ahlquist

Graphic Designer


"Have a job that you don’t have to work in the winter. Or win the lottery so you don’t have go anywhere on crappy and/or cold days."