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"If you were to start a music festival with at theme such as WITCC’s GLOW, which features a glow stick theme, what would your festival’s theme be?"

Chad Pauling

Retail and Digital Advertising Director

"It’s hard to top Glow Sticks… they are super fun for all ages.  But I love a good laser light show at a concert, so I’d have my festival be themed with laser lights!"

Earl Horlyk

Staff Writer

"I’d go with a food theme, inviting bands like The Cranberries, Red Hot Chili Peppers and Bowling For Soup to perform."

Patrick Rooney

Account Executive


We would have oldies bands show up (praying the rain don’t come). Not sure who the bands would be but the set list could include covers of 'Crying in the Rain,' 'Baby, The Rain Must Fall,' 'Fire & Rain,' 'Here Comes the Sun,' 'Falling Like Rain,' 'Rock You Like a Hurricane,' 'A Year Without Rain' and 'A Hard Rains Gonna Fall'… if you know the songs, you know the original artists…Maybe the headliner could be 'Earth, Wind & Fire' or 'Weather Report.'”

Daniel Aldana

Graphic Designer

"I think a sci-fi theme would be fun. People can dress up as a favorite character from a movie or TV series or make up a character.”

Ari E. Lebowitz

Staff Writer

"I would go with a Tiki theme. After visiting a few Tiki bars, including Omaha's Laka Lono Rum Club, I've found the theme captivating. It takes you from the Midwest to a tropical land far away."

Mason Dockter

Staff Writer

"I may be saying this because of the season, but mine would be a Halloween music festival. There would be Jack-o-lanterns, costumes would be required and we would only allow cover songs like “Monster Mash,” “Spooky” and “Season of the Witch.” We may have to rent a cemetery for the venue."

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